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Forests have always been mysterious, sometimes gloomy and also at times light. They are the place of magical fairies, witches, wizards and universally of every kind of adventure! Especially in the northern parts of the world, still magical properties are attributed to woods. Who uses with his eyes wide open the possibility for extensive walks in the forest, experience again and again special moments to sunlit clearings or mysterious groves. Nature lovers immediately have the opportunity to experience the features of the forest also in stunning photo posters with posterlounge. So, everyone can discover the mysterious world of the forest in images and bring home the fabled forests, whether indigenous mixed forest in Germany, rustic oak, or however subtropical and tropical rain forests from all parts of the world. The forest is seen more as a symbol of peace and harmony. Deep forests are untouched and the loneliness emanates an incredible fascination and attraction for many people. A picture of a deep green forest can be seen as a haven in your own four walls, a support which can give some stability to the viewer in stressful everyday life.

Fairy tale forests arouse the imagination - photo posters for lovers!

Hansel & Gretel ran into the forest, Rapunzel lived in a tall tower in the middle of the deep forest and also the seven dwarfs in the fairy tale to snow white had a hut behind the seven mountains deep in the forest. Who puts up a picture of a wonderful, magical forest landscape in their own home, will be reminded every day at the magic of many fairy tales. In many myths and legends, the forests are home to fearsome and dangerous figures and mythical creatures. Sometimes, the forest is personified as well and offers the heroes and heroines the stories of protection, care and support in the fight against the enemies. In addition, the forest in fairy tale and reality is inhabited in images of many animals. In the old tales and legends, the animals were often well placed people and could even speak. Especially in the old folk tales from Germany, the forest plays a parent role. Almost always the heroes in a narrative get on a journey while crossing a forest. The heroes in the forests often undergo an own conversion. You continue to evolve and learn new things about yourself. It is also still nature, in particular the forest, a place of self-discovery. A poster of this wonderful, green landscape at home can encourage to go deep inside and think about yourself. Posterlounge presents a wide variety of stunning photo posters of forests which conjure up a magical atmosphere in your own four walls and invite you to dream.

Discovery tour of our forests – trees and shrubs on posters!

There are the various forests around our planet. Already on pictures you can see great differences. The various forests of our planet are classified according to geographical location and vegetation. For example, often mixed, deciduous and coniferous forests are found in Northern Europe and North America. The forests of the tropics on a poster work always very green and rich. In the tropical zone, very much rain falls so that it comes to a year-round plant growth. In some regions of the world is a rather dry climate, however. Also here the plants in the forests have adapted to the conditions. You can hardly see deciduous vegetation on an image of this zone frequently as, for example, holm-oaks. The boreal coniferous forest zone is dominated by larch, spruce and pine trees. It exists only in the northern hemisphere and is to find, for example, in Norway. No matter whether winter or summer, northern or southern hemisphere - the forest photo posters from Posterlounge charm back!