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Mountains and hills, enjoying the fresh air – l lot of people imagine the perfect vacation like that! Often, these special landscapes are characterized by a pristine and beautiful nature. From the natural hills the surrounding areas can be looked at particularly well by everyone and be admired in the same way. For this reason, hills and mountains often are the destination of many hikers. But even the mountains are a high-class motif and suitable as impressive motif for a photo poster. Famous mountains such as the Alps and the Rocky Mountains or the charming, gentle hills of Ireland and the Tuscany are an absolute eye-catcher on the wall as images. The special landscape developed over time a very special flora and fauna. They also help that the landscape looks different in every country. In some areas you can find many mountains, hills. However, there are also quite flat regions without surveys. Man uses natural sourcing of a premises in the various ways. As seen on numerous posters is, mountains and hills above all for the winter sports of significance. But also in the Elimination of special rocks underground, mountains play an important role. Photographers are often enthusiastic about this mountainous landscape and always like to hold it in an image. Especially when the sun sets behind the mountains, when it disappears or goes up a hill , these are magical images for posters.

If poster awaken the wanderlust...

Mountains and hills do not only inspire us to wonderful images and artistic posters always again, but are an experience in natura. Whether on foot or by bicycle - the hills and mountains in this world invite to an excursion in nature! In Europe, especially the Alps are a considered destination for hikers and climbers. During a trip in the mountains one can relax and sometimes the one or the other Groundhog reveals. Mountains and hills conjure a special eye-catcher on the wall as a photo poster. You will find a unique silhouette, which invites the observer of a picture to the dreams, also at the Grand Canyon. The deep canyon attracts around five million visitors, and is considered one of the great natural wonders of the world. The Grand Canyon can be explored not only by bike or on foot, but also on the water on the Colorado River. Posterlounge presents stunning pictures and posters of the most beautiful rock formations, mountains and hills which create a very special atmosphere in every room.

Discover the history of mountains as a poster

The image of a massive mountain or a few rolling hills captivates the Viewer again. The idea that these landscapes and formations were formed millions of years ago fascinated not only geologists, but also hikers and photographers. The various landscapes evolved everywhere through global tectonic activities and strong soil erosion. What is interesting abot that, is, that you can still tell the individual rock layers by high mountains for example on an image. Also the coloring of mountains suggests the procurement of the rock. Australia's landmark of Ayers Rock or Uluru presents itself on screens in an impressive red tone. Due to the percentages of iron in the rock or lose the mountain and receives as its distinctive coloring. Also as photo posters enchant the mountains and hills and form a unique eye-catcher on any wall.