Mountain Posters

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Be on top of the world with mountain pictures

From the mighty Himalayas to the snowy peaks of the Alps, there’s nothing quite so magnificent as the mountains. You can almost feel the fresh, clean air and hear the eagles circling above! Our stunning collection of mountain posters let you bring nature’s most awe-inspiring views right into your living room. Whether you love peaceful sunrise scenes, picturesque snowscapes or jagged summits packed with drama, you’ll find mountain prints to love. And the best thing of all? You get to see those amazing lofty views every single day, with none of the climbing! Easy, accessible inspiration that the whole family will love. Check out our mountain pictures now!

Art styles to suit everyone

This dramatic scenery has been captured in every art style imaginable – from contemporary photography and graphic designs to traditional mountain paintings. And that means you can find mountain pictures to match many interior design trends. Simply-styled, modern rooms will look great with some black-and-white prints hanging on the walls. Keep it crisp and simple with ‘Four mountains’ or add some silhouetted magic with ‘Nightclimbing’. If you prefer a colourful painting, you’ll find some great options. The vibrant shapes in ‘A new day’ will lift white walls with a pop of colour, while the rich jewel tones in ‘Deer in Japanese landscape’ have a cosy and indulgent feel that will work well in a room with an eclectic, ethnic style.

Mountain pictures captured on camera are among our most popular choices. And you’ll find scenes from all over the world to choose from. Celebrate Egypt’s man-made mountains with pyramid posters, treat yourself to breath-taking views across the Alps with prints like ‘View over the Alps from Zugspitze’ or warm up a room with bold images of American red rock formations like ‘Monument Valley at sunset.’

Match your majestic mountain pictures with the right material

Make sure your mountain pictures look their best by taking some time to choose your material. Give photographic prints a magazine-style finish by printing onto glossy acrylic glass. This will add some gorgeous shine and depth to your images. Snowy scenes with a high proportion of white look great printed onto lightweight Forex foam board. Or how about adding some rustic texture to your mountain pictures with FSC-certified wood board?