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Parks & Green Belts – A Glimpse of Paradise Captured on Art Posters

A Sunday stroll, games and sports, a run for dogs and their owners or a sociable picnic on the grass – parks are inspiring places to recover from daily routine. Parks arranged as a garden are an idealisation of nature to be found in and outside of cities. They might be rather small, like castle gardens, spa gardens or urban parks, as well as stretching over rather large areas, such as landscape gardens or national parks. Even zoological gardens and wildlife parks number among the green belts supposed to provide a place for recreation and an embellishment of city surroundings – in short, a glimpse of paradise. This can be modelled on English landscape parks, which are arranged in irregular patterns to appear as natural as possible. The French style, on the other hand, seeks to enhance nature by employing a severely geometric design. In Japanese Gardens the principle of minimalism reigns. All share the attempt to imitate nature and unite its most beautiful aspects in a localised manner. Thereby, expertly arranged gardens are not only places to catch a breath but tourist attractions, as well. A trip to New York City can hardly be imagined without a stroll through Central Park. The green areas around Buckingham Palace are the largest privately owned gardens in Britain and just as much of a sight as the palace itself. A small piece of the greens captured on canvas makes the restorative quality of parks palpable at home. The online-shop at offers a variety of art prints featuring illustrations of parks and their utilisation.

Garden of Eden and the artistic idealisation of nature

Since industrialisation and the development of urban centres, the utilisation of green areas has gained significance. Particularly around 1900 the recreation of city dwellers cannot be imagined without picnics and games in urban parks. Nostalgic images of ladies and gentlemen during their outings are available in this category. Furthermore, in a Christian religious sense gardens might be viewed as “imitations” of the Garden of Eden. Hence, depictions of Adam and Eve in paradise are to be found besides pictures of Jesus praying the garden of Getsemani the night before crucifixion. A touch of paradise also emanates from paintings of castle grounds, which bring to mind the pomp and splendour of nobility. Just like zoological gardens, the botanical garden offers entertaining education besides recreation. Accurate drawings of plants certainly help with their classification during the next visit.

The green heart of the city and of interior decoration

As a print, the artfully natural arrangements right at the heart of the city can become the green heart of interior decoration, as well. There is a vast variety: aristocratic flair with castle gardens, nostalgic atmosphere with historical park scenes, a reflective mood with biblical pictures or inspiring landscapes in contemporary design. They all serve as ornamental adornments in home decoration. From canvas and poster, the appealing lanes and meadows silently invite the beholder to go for a walk. Thus, the green heart of home becomes a visual portal to fascinating parks and green belts.