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Rock Formation Posters

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Cliffs images - Photo poster from Posterlounge.co.uk

Steep cliffs and brittle rocks - on photo posters these special landscapes leave everyone just repeatedly in amazement! They rise majestically from the rest of their environment and dominate the landscape of the area. The steep rocks and cliffs often reveal the layering of the rock and give an indication of possible contained minerals or other substances already at first glance. For the Ayers Rock or Uluru rock in Australia the red special colouring and of course the size and form of an emblem of Australia are typical. Its colour suggests contained iron in the rocks, because the Ayers rock rust. But also other rocks and cliffs all over the world fascinate the people and encourage you to an excursion in the nature. Not only the landscape is particular, also the vegetation and the fauna on rocks and cliffs are thrilling. For example, photographers use again the special formations as a motive for their pictures. Especially when the sun at the correct angle hits the rocky cliff, impressive plays of light and shadow can arise. Especially when the sun is just up or goes down some impressive photography can follow. Posterlounge offers a large and varied selection of terrific posters, which guarantees to make any fan of rocks and cliffs.

Cliffs and rocks by the sea - poster of the stormy sea

Cliffs and rocks by the sea - posters of the stormy sea beats the roaring sea with incredible force against the steep rocks of a cliff, runs one of so many goose bumps over the back. The deep rumble and roar of the water masses that fly above and below the sea level on the rock wall, makes even more aware of what power is in nature and in particular in the water. By the roaring of the waves, the air on the cliffs is humid. The sea air is extremely healthy and everyone who has the opportunity should breathe it in deeply. Looking at the posters of famous cliffs and rocks such as the cliffs of Moher in Ireland or the chalk cliffs on Rügen Island, you can feel the rough sea air close to the skin on the face. On many cliffs on the sea and on photo posters, one discovers a lighthouse. The tall buildings guide the ships home to the Mainland and are always a popular subject for a picture with an especially mysterious charisma. Cliffs on the sea may pose some threats to shipping. Comes a boat or a yacht too close to the rocks of the cliff, it is easy that the vehicle will be thrown by the masses of water against the rocks and be wrecked. The overwhelming and spectacular power of the sea cliffs is expressed especially through images of posterlounge in your own four walls. An absolute eye-catcher!

Climbing on rocks and cliffs: an adventure on photo posters!

As shown by the images from all over the world, there are the various rocks and cliffs in which you can walk and do rock climbing. Very popular destinations for lovers of outdoor sports are the Grand Canyon, the Saxon Switzerland, the Dolomites, or also the Andes. To climb properly and safely rocks, you need suitable equipment. In the various mountains, there are differently steep cliffs, formation, nature and accordingly also different degrees of difficulty. The rise takes very much power, for example when surplus climbing. Is it only once above, the high rocks and cliffs offer a majestic view, which almost takes breath. Also the photo poster of such views impress on the own wall on a daily basis.