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Sea Prints

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Seas & oceans in pictures: Photo poster from Posterlounge.co.uk

The continents of our planet are separated from each other by seas and oceans. Only through a world map as a poster, it becomes clear that our planet is covered with water. To be precise, the water amount on Earth as a whole is 71%. Overall, our oceans have a volume of 1,338 billion KM3 - enough space for a variety of flora and fauna. In general, we talk about three main oceans: the Atlantic, the Indian and the Pacific oceans. According to the definition, but also the Arctic Ocean and the Southern Ocean are included by the oceans. Everywhere the rough effervescence of the seas and oceans of the world can be listened to. It always fascinates people. The magical and mysterious world of this water mass you can also wonderfully enjoy using a photo poster on the Mainland. But not only the beauty of the seas and oceans are fascinating. Since the beginning of time, people saw always mystical and mysterious in the great waters. So legends and stories developed over the millennia. In Greek mythology it is said, for example, that Poseidon as a God is responsible for the seas in the world. A mysterious, high-contrast image still reminiscent of the fabled aspects and stories related to the seas and oceans everywhere on our planet.

Magical animal world of the Sea - held on a photo poster!

The sea fascinates not only as beautiful water scenery in pictures, but impresses with its rich flora and fauna on a poster again and again. The oceans of the Earth are populated with not only fish, but also mammals. The largest animals in the world are the whales. These behemoths can be up to 90 years old and reach a weight of 200 tons. However, it is rather unusual that photographers shoot these peaceful giants on an image, because blue whales are hardly close to the coast. Other fascinating animals of the seas and oceans are, for example, the colorful fish that are abound on the coral reefs of the world. But in addition to the beauty and elegance of a turtle and dolphin, the Sea also obscures exotics. The extraordinary "monsters" are not less dazzle and attract viewers again and again by their mysterious aura. The animal world of the ocean depths is explored until now only sparse. Just the unknown looks exciting and charmed to everyone on a very own manner.

Unlock secrets of the seas and oceans with a poster

Especially in the shipping industry, there were again unexplained and uncanny accidents at sea over the centuries. A variety of ships sank into the Bermuda triangle, and until a few decades ago the researchers could not explain, why ships and large tubs suddenly appeared again after the passage of the triangle without a crew. Although scientists are certain to have revealed the secret of the Lake region, not all accidents could be clarified. The stories of the Bermuda triangle contribute to the mysterious radiance of the seas and oceans on a poster. A photo poster with the gentle waves of the ocean in your own four walls is not only an attractive eye-catcher, but reminds the viewer also on the many stories of sea monsters, mermaids and other mythical creatures that dwell beneath the water surface. The most beautiful images of the seas and oceans, which invite anyone just to dream, are presented by posterlounge.