Waterfall Posters

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Dive into spectacular waterfall pictures

Waterfalls are one of nature’s most beautiful sights. You can stumble across a secret one during a forest walk or journey across the world to witness the magnificent power of a waterfall giant like the Niagara Falls. They can be romantic, relaxing or rejuvenating – but pictures of waterfalls always look stunning. Hanging a waterfall painting or print in your home is a clever way of bringing the best of the outside inside. Whether you love your waterfalls exotic or closer to home, you’ll find the one for you in our gorgeous collection of waterfall pictures.

From relaxing pools to thundering torrents

Waterfall pictures can be used to create a range of atmospheres. Choose a print that evokes the mood you would like for your room. If you are trying to create a relaxing bathroom, gentle waterfall pictures like ‘Small waterfall in the rainforest’ or ‘Leura Cascades’ bring an indulgent spa-like feel – perfect for admiring as you sink into a long, luxurious bubble bath.

Waterfalls can also create a sense of power, which could work really well as art inspiration in a home office. The mighty torrents in ‘Waterfalls Foz de Iguazu’ have a strong dramatic impact. A beautiful panoramic print could be just the focal point you need for a large wall in your home. The hazy rainbows in ‘Rainbow in the Iguacu Falls’ would look amazing blown up to XXL size. Waterfall pictures can even work with edgy urban interior design – just take a look at the black-and-white ‘Creek’ for inspiration.

Choose from a selection of materials

When it comes to picking the material for your print, you’ll find some great options to choose from. Many waterfall pictures are crisp photographic images, which work really well with contemporary materials. Glossy acrylic glass gives prints a gorgeous sense of depth, while slender Alu-Dibond creates a colour-intensive finish.

Waterfall pictures with a high proportion of white, such as ‘Skogafoss’, look fantastic when printed onto lightweight Forex foam board. Not only can you hang it safely on any wall but it really makes those tiny details pop. Paintings and prints with soft colours work well printed onto stretched cotton canvas, which can then be framed in a shadow frame or hung directly onto your wall for a more modern look. And don’t forget our most affordable option – our high-quality photo paper.