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Movie posters bring a cinema atmosphere to your home

Are you a movie junkie and don’t miss any new blockbuster? When it comes to movie facts, few are able to compete with you? In this case, you will be thrilled by our selection of movie posters at Posterlounge. This is where all the Hollywood stars get together, all classic films, everything that has cult character or is brand new in movie theatres. No matter if fantasy or action, horror or comedy – our online shop offers film posters of each genre for the real fans!

Dream yourself Out of Africa with a movie poster by Posterlounge, or get Gone with the Wind by your passion for the biggest romantic films of all times. Just for fun, let yourself in for silent and black-and-white films, and have a good laugh watching the nostalgic slapstick of Laurel & Hardy or Charlie Chaplin – affordable movie posters of your favourite films by Posterlounge make it possible!

Apart from the latest films of different genres, you will also find cult movie posters like Metropolis in our selection. Discover our huge gallery and buy your film poster online! The pictures create a unique cinema atmosphere, which makes you want to snuggle up on the couch eating popcorn. Don’t forget to sweep away the crumbs afterwards...

Encounter your stars vividly

Why watch Hollywood films and their stars only in the cinema or on TV? Movie posters by Posterlounge bring your idols into your home. From Star Wars to Scarface, from Hangover to Harry Potter you will find the current film highlights from various genres with us. Movie posters are a must for all film fans and anybody who wants to become one.

Our cinema posters can be framed easily, but can also be hung up using poster strips, tape, or poster hangers. No matter how you do it, the quality together with the favourable price will convince you. Your movie poster will keep you company and remind you for a long time – of a great night in the cinema with a beloved person, of a DVD night with friends, or of the cult film of the year!

Great eye-catcher: Film posters of Hollywood classics

We bring the best film classics as movie posters to your home and with them a touch of Hollywood.

The mainly illustrated and colourful film posters of Hollywood classics are true eye-catchers. They mostly depict a key scene of the film. Saturday Night Fever for example advertises with a movie poster featuring young John Travolta, who is dressed in a white suit with white flares and shoots his arm up enthusiastically, thus making us want to dance as well.

Posterlounge presents a multitude of the most beautiful and impressing posters of film history, which add the little extra to your own four walls.

In 1939, the classic Hollywood cinema celebrated its peak with Gone with the Wind. In legendary 224 minutes, the tragic story of young Scarlett O’Hara is told, who longs for one thing only: true love. The movie became a big box-office hit and is still one of the most important works of cinematography. The protagonists Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable advanced to the perfect couple and cut a good figure on the movie posters. This is a picture that Hollywood film fans shouldn’t miss!

Movie posters are also loved by children!

Children enjoy having their screen heroes around them. We therefore have a lot of children’s movie posters on offer for the youngest film fans, which make it possible for them to be close to their idols. Spreading a good mood in the children’s room is done by the Minions. The hidden heroes of the Undespicable Me films have entered the world starting in 2010. They conquered the hearts of little and adult fans. Our film posters show them e.g. as Beatles on Abbey Road, having lunch on a skyscraper, or with their precious Banana.

One of the most popular recent films for children is without doubt Frozen with Anna, Elsa, and Olaf. And also movie posters of Disney’s other characters let little girls’ hearts beat faster.