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Pulp Fiction posters

Pick an edgy Pulp Fiction poster

Everybody’s favourite classic 90s film, Pulp Fiction helped define a generation and also truly shot director Quentin Tarantino to fame following his earlier success, Reservoir Dogs. The film also marked a defining point in the film industry. Following the story of two charismatic LA hitmen, a gang boss, his wife, two petty criminals and of course, Zed, 90s audiences were captivated by the innovative soundtrack, highly stylized scenes and dark humour that pervaded this neo-noir film.

Consistently voted as one of the best films of all time as well as being considered Tarantino’s masterpiece, the imagery too gained iconic status, and as a result Pulp Fiction posters and canvases remain in hot demand today. Some films divide audiences, others unite, and Pulp Fiction certainly achieved unity from critics and cinemagoers alike.

Strictly for adults, a Pulp Fiction canvas screams glamour, raw edge and a little bit of danger. Maybe you want to spice up your bedroom pictures? Or choose the perfect gift for your favourite fan of the film? You’ll find an intoxicating pulp fiction poster to suit any style or taste.

An unforgettable movie classic

This legendary ‘90s film will forever sit amongst the best in history. From Quentin Tarantino’s signature stylised violence to that iconic dance scene with John Travolta and Uma Thurman, it’s packed with memorable movie moments. Whether you’re a die-hard cinema buff or the film is just one of your all-time favourites, choosing Pulp Fiction posters for your home is the ideal way to bring some of that punchy cool into your interior design.

Should you go for canvas or poster? And which scene or artwork should you choose? Both are hugely personal decisions. The most sought-after and iconic Pulp Fiction poster is that of the movie sleeve. This well-known image is one of Uma Thurman lying on a bed smoking with the movie title along the top and the cast list down the left-hand side. However, for many Pulp Fiction lovers alternative scenes sum the film up better and this includes a black-and-white image of Travolta and Jackson pointing their guns outward, a popular choice in the world of Pulp Fiction posters.

Fan art posters have become more popular recently as ways of making more subtle references to films, and in the case of Pulp Fiction, this includes a simple blood smattering, which comes out particularly well on lightly textured canvas. Pop art Pulp Fiction posters with accompanying quotes are another great choice, as is the brilliant 50s-style Jack Rabbit’s dance competition poster. Most Pulp Fiction posters include outwardly graphic or subtly violent scenes and are therefore best suited to a study, lounge or bedroom.

While the movie may have been crammed with gangsters, sex and violence, you will also find the odd light-hearted Pulp Fiction poster in there. After all, the film definitely has its own dark humour! Why not choose a diner-inspired Pulp Fiction poster for your kitchen? ‘Alternative Pulp Fiction burger quote art’ is a great choice, with that classic line, “Hamburger, the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast”.

The best formats and materials for your Pulp Fiction art

To ensure your Pulp Fiction posters get noticed, it’s important to pick the right material and format. All Pulp Fiction motifs look fantastic printed on premium photo paper which offers high colour brilliance and UV resistance. Pulp Fiction posters offer excellent value for money and are always packed in sturdy shipping tubes for protection. Wood and canvas prints are ideal for retro-style images such as the Jack Rabbit’s dance competition sketch, thanks to their textured finish.

Some films truly stand the test of time and this is one; Pulp Fiction posters should not be consigned to the 90s. For some Fans it’s sheer nostalgia, for others it’s a simple display of great taste. Our fan art and alternative Pulp Fiction posters are ideal for film aficionados looking to celebrate the subtle nuances and brilliance of this film. Look through our collection of artwork and canvases today to find the right one for your walls.