Star Trek Posters

Calling all Trekkies!

The cult TV phenomenon, Star Trek, made its debut back in 1966 and has been a hit ever since. The intergalactic adventures of the intrepid crew have enjoyed many different incarnations through the decades. Feature films, games, costumes, spin-offs – and of course, Star Trek art. No Trekkie can call themselves a true fan until they have decorated their walls with Star Trek pictures!

Journey into the stars with posters and wall art featuring everything from favourite characters to spaceships and planets. You could even help the next generation of young Trekkies discover the drama and enjoyment of this unique world with a gift of Star Trek posters. So what are you waiting for? Beam yourselves up to take a look at our fantastic selection.

Star Trek posters for fans of all ages

Star Trek has spawned some iconic images and themes. And what can be more iconic than the Vulcan salute, made famous by Mr. Spock? Star Trek posters featuring this unique hand sign are a subtle yet effective way of declaring your Star Trek love. ‘No. 082 My Star Trek 2 minimal movie poster’ is a popular choice for fans of the Vulcan salute.

Or perhaps your favourite thing about Star Trek is the spaceships? Choose spaceship Star Trek posters and you can admire them all day long. We love the spacecraft in ‘No. 081 My Star Trek 1 minimal movie poster’.

Star Trek movie posters are a good choice to create your own gallery wall. Artist Chungkong creates lovely motifs of all Star Trek motion pictures including distinctive quotes like ‘Why am I here? What was I meant to be?’.

A Spock-tacular choice of materials

You don’t need to travel the galaxy to find the perfect material for your prints, we’ve got them right here. Help your Star Trek posters look out of this world by choosing the material that best complements them. If your print has bright colours, slender Alu-Dibond gives a wonderful contemporary and colour-intensive finish. Paler prints and those with a high proportion of white look best printed onto lightweight Forex foam board to enhance the delicate details of the image.

If you have chosen retro Star Trek motif, you might want to consider printing onto stretched cotton canvas for a cool gallery look. Or if you prefer a modern style, we love the glossy sense of depth you achieve when printing onto acrylic glass – perfect for adding some impact to solar system pictures of vast skies. And if you’re on a budget? Our high-quality photo paper gives a great finish for the price. You can even frame your Star Trek posters for a more professional effect.