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Music posters

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Music Posters – A Pleasure For Your Ears and Eyes

Welcome in the loudest category of this site! Sure enough, music is first and foremost a pleasure for the ears. Then again, music is not just there to be listened to. People talk about it, watch its protagonists in live concerts and feel the strings and keys of instruments. Music lovers actually live music. So why enjoy it only in acoustic ways, when you might as well experience music visually? Posterlounge offers a wide range of art prints and posters that combine music and painting in a most exciting way. Thus, by means of interior decoration with high-class images on canvas and poster, the crackling atmosphere of a rap concert, a club night or an evening at the concert hall comes into every living space. A great alternative to classic "Star Posters"! Categories such as Bands and Singers, DJs and DJanes, Orchestra, Instruments, Opera, Hip Hop, Pop and Rock, Classic, Metal, Disco and House, Rock’n’Roll or R’n’B and Soul represent almost the whole music spectrum and serve as an inspiration for interior design and original gift ideas. With Posterlounge’s art prints and pictures styled to music, parties and dance, everyone is sure to find something to set the mood just right.

Classic, Retro-Look and Club Styles set into the right light

All those different music genres often correspond to the style of painting and drawing that represent them. For instance, images of classical music such as portraits of composers and musicians are mostly depicted in the fashion of realist painting. Pictures reminiscent of the heyday of jazz music correspond to the poster style of modernist art. Highly fashionable images in retro look capture the disco atmosphere of the 1970s with mirror balls, flares and Afros in the colourful, extensive style of Pop Art. Numerous poster representations of dancers, DJanes and turntables with their cheerful lounge character bring proverbial sounds to the wall. Even canvas and poster prints showing instruments catch their respective musical sounds. Thus, violins exhibit their soft curves in mild colours, whereas the electric guitar might be aflame in a martial rock music look. This way, both, delicate and rough sounds can be experienced visually. To decorate a room according to a certain genre of music, such murals by Posterlounge are the best choice.

Printable music with Pop & Rock legends on canvas and poster

Instant classics and the great legends of recent music history are present in the living space of every true music fan. A very special element in the product range of this online-shop is in the high artistic standard of their representations – these are not merely picture posters but works of art. Among them, there are the Beatles on a collage of square images reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s famous portraits. In addition, Jimi Hendrix can be found as collage illustration or psychedelically colourful painting as well as Elvis Presley in realistic or stylised drawings. With or without popular quotes the shop offers a great variety of art posters with music icons. Like music itself, the range of art prints on poster or canvas changes in time. One thing remains the same, though: Posterlounge has got the music!