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Cloud Posters

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Clouds pictures: Photo poster from Posterlounge.co.uk

Clouds invite to dream in natura and in pictures again and again. In doing so, the airy fabric can assume different shapes and colors and, thus, represent exceptionally beautiful motives for posters. Clouds stimulate the imagination of their viewers - whether animals, faces or objects: clouds can be seen as a lot of objects! Magical clouds give a quite magical touch to each landscape and act quite differently. Especially when the sun is giving its shine to the clouds and colours them into a golden soft-pink tone, extraordinary photo posters result from that. In summer, clouds bring the most long-awaited rain which ensures a cool refreshment on the rejoice especially to flora and fauna. Sometimes clouds can have a very threatening impact. Thunder and lightning, resulting in the clouds, can be very threatening as well. They scare off not only children but also adults. If the sun is struggling after a long rain shower through a thick layer of clouds, magical images arise, in which a single beam from the dark cloud cover meets the Earth. This image has been almost supernatural and divine.

Classification of clouds - Cumulus, Cirrus and Stratus posters

There are 10 cloud genera. Cumulus clouds are among the best known. The beautiful heap clouds form a powerful, almost intimidate image. They are often also referred to as Cumulus clouds and correspond to our idea of the "perfect" cloud. Cumulus clouds are colloquially known as fleecy clouds. Considering the poster with a few small Cumulus-woken closer, you can see the similarity which have these formations with lamb easily. Stratus clouds are, however, lower layer clouds which sometimes also referred to as fog. On images, you can see that they are totally featureless and often produce precipitation in the form of drizzle. Clouds that look like a bunch of feathers on a screen are known as Cirrus clouds. Gently they loom on the horizon. They occur at very high altitudes and are pure ice clouds, these small, delicate threads in the sky of every viewer charm even as photo posters. Posterlounge presents a wide variety of the most beautiful cloud pictures, which guarantees that everybody will find his favourite cloud!

Cloud images in culture and religion

Especially in Germany, there are certain many peasant rules relating to the interpretation of the weather situation and in particular the clouds in conjunction. With the help of clouds and matching rule rhyme proverbs, people could determine the weather conditions very early and their effects in, for example, agriculture. While clouds can often be discovered on photo posters, they were a popular motif for the paintings of great artists in the old painting. Clouds are known as a symbol of happiness, of peace and of the West in China. Interpretations of clouds are also reflected in the mythology. So you saw clouds in Norse mythology as the brain of the Gients of Gylfaginning. Also in the Jewish and Christian faith, clouds are associated with a mystical meaning. A picture of a cloud is often a manifestation of their God. Some believers also see the footprints of their God in the clouds. Also in the superstition clouds are associated with some specific meanings. So shine, unnaturally red clouds in the night sky are supposed to be a sign of the growing danger of war. As a poster, clouds are a beautiful decoration for any wall in any case.