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Hoarfrost: Winter’s miracle

Chilly toes, long nights and icy winds – there are plenty of bad things about winter, but hoarfrost is not one of them. Those crisp winter mornings when the air is still and the ground is crunching underfoot have a special magic to them. A magic white blanket of tiny frost crystals decorates trees and leaves with sparkling hoarfrost. Sometimes it melts as soon as the sun comes up from behind the hill, sometimes it lasts all day – but however fleeting its beauty, hoarfrost has to be one of the best things about winter.

So why not capture the magic of those mornings to enjoy all year round by hanging beautiful hoarfrost pictures in your home?

Spectacular landscapes and delicate close-ups

Whether you are viewing hoarfrost from up close or afar, it makes a stunning visual impact. Zoom in close with an intimate photographic print that highlights the tiny details of this natural wonder. We love the magnified ‘Dandelion with rainbow drops’, the spiky fronds of ‘Frost-rimmed leaves in winter’ and the unusual sight of a ‘Frozen bubble’.

Zoom out and you lose the spiky quality of hoarfrost and gain a soft wintery landscape. The sunset colour palette of ‘Photographer in winter landscape’ brings a lovely warmth to this chilly subject matter, while the pure white of ‘Trees in a field’ would look fantastic with a minimal white interior design theme.

Add some shine to your hoarfrost pictures

Help your prints to look their best by choosing the right material to complement them. Hoarfrost pictures composed mainly of white snow and ice look gorgeous printed onto lightweight Forex foam board. This ingenious material enhances the delicate details of hoarfrost and can be at home on any wall.

If your print has more vibrant colours, then choosing a contemporary material such as slender Alu-Dibond or glossy acrylic glass will add some extra shine to your hoarfrost. Landscape paintings are given a wonderfully authentic finish when printed onto stretched cotton canvas. You can frame your canvas in an elegant floating frame or hang it directly onto your wall for modern look. At the more affordable end of the scale, our high-quality photo paper gives hoarfrost pictures a crisp effect and can easily be framed for a more luxurious finish.