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Satellite Posters

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See things from a new perspective with satellite pictures

There’s no better way to gain a sense of calm than by thinking about our place in the Universe. When you realise how huge the galaxies are, suddenly life’s problems seem a little smaller. So what better way to give yourself a daily reminder than by hanging satellite pictures on your walls?

From their lofty positions in space, satellites bring a unique perspective. When you’re gazing down at the Earth as seen from above, you get that exact same relaxed feeling you get when looking at the stars above. You feel small (in a good way) and peaceful. Philosophy aside, satellite pictures also make a beautiful and eye-catching additional to many interior design concepts. We have a wide selection of prints so just take a look and find the ones that work their calming magic on you.

Intergalactic prints

You’ll find a dazzling choice of satellite pictures to choose from, whether you’re looking for an image of our home planet or somewhere deep in the cosmos. Some of our favourite satellite pictures are basically world map posters with a difference – they show the globe by night, lit up by the lights of our cities. ‘Europe at night’ is a popular choice. You can clearly make out the outlines of those familiar countries, it’s quite incredible. ‘Whole Earth at night’ takes it a step further and would make a truly inspirational choice for a child’s bedroom.

From classic satellite pictures to some more unique choices – how about images of Earth’s extremes? ‘Earth at night – South Pole’ captures the icy landscape of Antarctica in all its glory, while ‘Two powerful storms span the Atlantic Ocean’ creates a wild and exciting atmosphere. Or how about taking a look at other planets? ‘Planet Saturn with major moons’ is a popular print.

Make your prints shine

Choosing the right material for your prints can make a huge impact on their finished look. As satellite pictures are really a celebration of modern technology, choosing a contemporary material can work well. Slender Alu-Dibond gives you a sleek, intensely-coloured effect – and has the added bonus of being splashproof. Ideal for hanging in a bathroom or kitchen. Glossy acrylic glass is another fantastic choice. This creates a beautiful sense of depth to your images, perfect for emphasising the sheer scale captured in satellite pictures. And don’t forget our high-quality photo paper if you’re on a budget – this also gives your prints a great sheen.