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Surf’s up, it’s wave pictures!

There’s nothing quite like the call of the ocean. Whether you love sailing or surfing on the open seas or simply admiring the view from the coast, our great oceans are one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful works. Wave prints can evoke everything from drama to serenity. And they’re not just for bathrooms (although they are a great choice for creating a cohesive interior design theme there!) Our pictures cover everything from Van Gogh classics to sharp black-and-white photography, so you’re sure to find a style that will work in any room you like. Dive in to our collection and find your favourite wave pictures that will really make a splash!

From stormy seas to peaceful shores

The beauty of ocean and wave prints is that the seas have so many moods and colours – from dark and threatening to golden and gentle. For wave pictures to get the heart racing, how about scenes of waves crashing over the bow of a boat? We love the drama of ‘Sailing through the storm’. It would work well in a collection of motivational posters for your home office. Or get inspired by the biggest waves around with prints like ‘Surfer in the pipeline barrel’. They are sure to encourage a daily dose of daring.

If you prefer tranquil wave pictures for a bedroom, living room or bathroom, a tamer print like ‘Waves about to wash over footprints in the sea’ could strike the right note. Our sunset wave pictures are also a popular choice. ‘Evening glow at dock’ is a real beauty. Or how about a trendy Japanese print? ‘The Great Wave of Kanagawa’ will match with minimalist Japanese décor perfectly.

Finding the right material for your wave pictures

By selecting a material that complements your choice of print, you can really boost its impact. Glossy photographic wave pictures look great printed onto sleek acrylic glass. It has the added benefit of being splashproof – ideal for hanging in a bathroom. If you have chosen a wave painting, then printing onto stretched cotton canvas is a match made in heaven. Pair that with an elegant shadow joint frame and you’ve got a gallery-worthy finish. And if you’ve opted for colourful children’s wave pictures, you might want to keep costs down with our high-quality photo paper. It can be easily framed for a more professional finish and won’t break the bank.