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Cowboy Posters

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Yeeee-haw, it’s cowboy pictures!

Bring the drama and excitement of the Wild West to your walls with some evocative western art. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of life as a cowboy? Or you’ve grown up watching westerns with their pistols at dawn and rowdy saloons? Or perhaps it’s the vast and beautiful prairie landscapes that appeal to you with their vivid sunsets and red rock formations?

Whatever your reason for loving the West, you’ll find cowboy pictures to suit all styles and tastes. Pictures of cowboys are available in many art styles, from historic 19th-century pioneer paintings to stylish modern photographic prints. So kick off your boots and get browsing.

Retro to contemporary

Cowboys have been a popular art trend since they first rode west. Historic cowboy pictures are a great way of telling a story through art, whether it’s the famous ‘Cowboys and Indians’ conflict or the harsh life on the road for the early settlers. ‘Wagon Train on the Prairie’ beautifully captures both the landscapes and the atmosphere of the prairies, while the galloping horses in ‘The Gotthardt Post’ bring an exhilarating sense of movement and peril.

Cowboy life was the inspiration for many classic films, so why not celebrate your favourites with a retro western film poster, such as ‘Buffalo Bill’ or ‘Billy the Kid’?

If you’re looking for contemporary cowboy pictures, you’ll find some fantastic photographic prints. We love the sunset colours in ‘Silhouettes of two cowboys on horses’ and the moody feel of ‘A lone cowboy’. Some creative cowboy pictures focus on getting up close and personal with cowboy items, such as ‘Cowboy boots and rope’ and ‘Cowboy hat and lasso’. And speaking of lassos, why not chose cowboy pictures of this most iconic cowboy skill? The black-and-white ‘Cowboy Lassoing Horses’ has plenty of contemporary cool.

Choose the right material for your print

Cowboy pictures with bright colours look bold and vivid when printed onto slender Alu-Dibond, while prints with a high proportion of white are well suited to lightweight Forex foam board to enhance the finer details of subtle prints.

Wide landscape shots are given an added sense of depth when printed onto glossy acrylic glass, while traditional paintings get an authentic museum finish when printed onto stretched cotton canvas. Cowboy pictures can also be printed onto affordable yet high-quality photo paper, which can be easily framed for a professional finish.