Female Nude

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Women’s Sensuality Radiates From Art Prints

Hardly any other topic has occupied the minds and works of artists with such intensity over such a long period of time than the so-called „beautiful sex“ and the secrets of their sensuality. Throughout all eras in the history of art versatile representations of the nude female body in painting and drawing have appealed to the spectator with some special allure, as well. Striking a sensual pose, covered or completely uncovered, whether in its entirety or in explicit detail – until today artists have always tried to find new approaches to the depiction of female bodies and explored their passion with relish. Of course artistic fashion has changed throughout the centuries. What exactly people perceive as being beautiful and inspiring is mainly a question of time. Yet, the basic fascination and diversity of erotic representations of women have always remained a most popular topic in fine arts. And not just here: Pictures of women with erotic appeal are just as popular as posters or canvas prints, be it as quiet a personal gift or as decoration for one’s own home.

Seductive looks and captivating moments

Numerous depictions of female eroticism captured on posters and elegant canvas are available on Posterlounge.de, no matter if it is intended to be given away as a present or to decorate the own walls. In extensive scope the inspiring pictures of feminine sensuality and sexuality range from classy black and white drawings to realistic or alienated paintings of several time periods up to graphics and the brightly colored aesthetics of contemporary Pop Art. In different styles, various aspects of the female body are being represented in captivating moments. And this means so much more than simply naked skin. Sometimes just a look does it, sometimes it is a detailed picture of feminine curves, sometimes it is a singular gesture and sometimes it is a snapshot, which tells a whole story.

Femme fatale, fairy and sex symbol

As diverse as the styles and forms of representation are the women immortalized in them. The classical nude showing a voluptuous lady of the Late Baroque or in expressionist paintings can be found next to the mysterious beauty in the fashionable art nouveau retro-style of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Among many others, contemporary pictures include the photo-realistic drawings of illustrator Bully Art. Even female figures from the realm of fantasy, such as fairies, wild Amazons or mermaids, can be brought home on canvas and paper. In addition, fiery femme fatales tempt the spectator on salacious works including fetish and bondage images. In contrast, brightly colored Pop Art pictures and Tanja Doronina’s Pin-up Girls in the fashion of the 1950s are equally sexy and ironically funny. Speaking of the 1950s, of course the famous photography showing sex symbol Marilyn Monroe in her wafting white dress cannot be missing from this category. The common thread linking these different images of women is their very own sensuality that gives a tingling eroticism to all art prints.