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Men pictures: Photo poster from

Men can be found anywhere on the world in a variety of positions. Every year we celebrate as men and fathers at Ascension, which is a German tradition. Traditionally speaking, the man is the head of the family. However, this out-dated image of family could loosen up a bit in the last few decades, so that it is no longer a rarity today, if the woman focuses on her career and the men raising children and doing housework. Still, we combine certain ideas and attributes more clearly with a man's world. Especially in the world of professions, particularly men mainly do certain jobs. Whether construction workers, auto mechanics, you can see men in a wide range of professional activities plumbing or as computer scientists – even on images and posters. Also professions carried out by women after a conservative worldview, perpetrated by men nowadays love to. These include nurses, hairdressers, secretaries and flight attendants. In some cultures of the Earth it is still dealt somewhat stricter with the distribution of roles between female and male persons and a free choice of employment is, for example, not always possible. Posterlounge gives fascinating insights into different cultures and underscores the position of men on high-quality photo posters

Men in fairy-tales, legends and posters

According to the Bible, the first person in the world was a man whom God created in his image. From Adam's rib, God created a second man, Eva after a while. Adam and Eve in the biblical narrative and the ecclesiastical idea are the origin of all human existence. But also in other stories, men play a special role. Especially in the literature again special roles are allocated to them. As you can see, also in the tales of the Wild West are clear images of men. They are usually depicted as strong protectors, as Cowboys or Indians. Also in other fairy tales, they are breadwinners and leaders, fighters and rebels. But in the literature and films these out-dated views change more and more. The legend of the "wild man" evolves in the middle ages. This primitive man lived abandoned and alone in the Woods and represented a desirable, nature-loving version of people. Posterlounge presents unique and varied photo posters of men from all regions of the world, closer to bring us the development of the image of the man in literature and mythology.

Famous men rediscovered on photo posters

Whether in politics, in sports, science or culture: famous and important men who could achieve already the greatest everywhere. James Bond is a famous man from the area of the film. The figure of the English secret agent is immediately recognized by most people on posters and coines the image, that people generally have of men. He is the epitome of a womanizer and Bon Vivant and influenced generations with his attitude. Neil Armstrong is a man who also entered history and is recognized everywhere with appropriate equipment. He was the first man who walked on the Moon, and stopped short of breath around the world so. On images, the moon landing, the Americans and these first steps spread still creeps. Isaac Newton is placed as second among the men of in world history. Without the physicist and mathematician, the moon landing would have been not possible. A photo poster in your own four walls is not only a special, unparalleled eye-catching, but also reminiscent of the great services rendered in many areas of the lives of men.