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Pin-Up posters

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Bring on the retro style with cheeky pin-up posters

Pin-up art is an iconic part of 1950s culture. Today, these much-loved prints are celebrated by both men and women for their curvy sex appeal, vintage fashions and old-school charm. They also inspire modern interpretations of the pin-up style. Most pin-up posters have a playful tongue-in-cheek vibe that is ideal for creating a sense of cheeky fun in a room. Whether you’re looking for a naughty piece of bedroom wall art or you just love the glamour of this unique era, our gorgeous collection of pin-up posters has something for everyone.

Bombshells of all shapes and sizes

The beauty of pin-up posters is that they embrace real women. We love the flirtatious 1950s ladies with their Marilyn Monroe-esque curves – and they add in a real sense of humour when making mundane tasks like cleaning look good. Of course, in the modern world these pictures are simply kitsch art prints rather than housekeeping guidance! ‘The woman in a bathroom’ and ‘Cleanliness keystone to success’ are among the most popular.

If you are looking for something on the sexier rather than humorous side, you might love something like ‘Flirt’ or ‘Seated pin-up’ with their risqué outfits. Or for something more contemporary, you could choose pin-up posters from the leather-clad ‘Bianca’ range. If you prefer a subtler choice, the pastels used in ‘Temptation’ and ‘The loving ones’ create a wonderful soft effect. We also love the delicate pencil-sketched scenes in the intimate ‘Sleeping’ series for their romantic and peaceful atmosphere. 

Pair your pin-up posters with the perfect material

Help your pin-up girls look their best by choosing a material that complements the colours and style of your images. Modern prints with a large amount of white background look fantastic when printed on slender Forex foam board for a finish that is both lightweight and delicate. If you have chosen authentic 1950’s pin-up posters or paintings, you could consider printing onto stretched cotton canvas for a genuine museum feel. Floating frames are also available to really up the historic elegance. Brightly coloured prints are given a bold and intense finish when printed onto Alu-Dibond, while glossy acrylic glass gives an added magazine-style shine to your pin-up posters. And of course, there’s always our high-quality photo paper if you’re on a budget!