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Women Art Prints: Art Posters from Posterlounge.co.uk

Mankind has always been fascinated by itself. And artists of all times have especially been fascinated by women. This is shown in music (just think of great operas as “Aida”), in literature (Emile Zola´s “Nana”), in sculpture , in all kinds of arts. Especially in the art of painting the pictures must be numerous. And this is very good because each piece of art is an important witness of its time – the past and the present. Thankfully a lot of these valuable pictures are available as art prints or art posters at Posterlounge.co.uk so anyone of us can see the change that the picture of women has undergone. The way women were looked upon during, say, 17th century is quite different from the way an artist like Jean Auguste Renoir looked upon them in the 19th century. Whether one prefers a realistic portrait of a lady or a whore does not matter very much because one will find anything from romance to frivolous pictures in the wide range offered by Posterlounge. You will find the “beauty” as well as the “beast” – just the way women have always been considered by men and – maybe – themselves.

Women –More than Only Beauty: Art Prints and Art Posters

It is the woman´s body with its´ typical curves that is celebrated by art. Being portrayed as a beauty or a beast – or something in between –, women do definitely play a most important rôle in the world of art, as is shown in the great variety of art prints and art posters offered by Posterlounge.de. Those characteristics that separate women quite clearly from men happen to experience a glorification in the arts. It may be the beautifully done hair, luxuriously in its´ shine. It may be the gentleness of a cheeks´ curve, or the soft, yet at the same time questioning expressing of a pair of extraordinarily blue eyes. Through the ages since painting has been established as a true art – in the 17th century painters for instance were regarded merely as ‘handymen’, as somewhat less than an ordinary civilian, and therefore ‘neglectable’ – pictures show the fashion of the very time, giving testimony to the change of tastes – long skirts, short ones, or no skirts at all. But even when nude all these women have one thing in common: They radiate strength.

Women – Not as Weak as they may Appear

There is the quotation: “Behind every great man there is a strong woman.” There must be some truth in this, for there is not one single man history has ever known who were able to carry a child and give birth, in other words: to make the world going, the way women do. Even the greatest hero, scientist (or whatever one may think of) has come to this world through a woman´s lap. So it as much justifiable to give women a monument in the history of mankind as it is justifiable for men. And this has been done by so many pictures of art. Posterlounge.de offers a wide spectre of varied motives as art prints and art posters. As unique as every woman, as unique the pieces of art - as unique appear the posters and murals of the highest quality: Is it Renoir you like most? He used to, according to the taste of his time, paint women rosily and amply, as sweetly as an apple ready to eat. Maybe, though, it is unforgettable Audrey Hepburn – auburn-haired, doe-like eyed, fragile, yet a (very) little bit ... coquettish? A piece of sheer beauty is without a doubt “The blue dancers” by Edgar Degas, the painter intrigued by ballet and ballet dancers. Whatever the choice – we find beauty in young women as well as in old ones. For one thing is for certain – as long as mankind will exist, there will be strong women ... ageless as womanhood itself.