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Water Lilies

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Green bushes and gentle meadows, cool forests and colorful flower: the plant world has much to offer! Again and again, an excursion in the nature helps us to relax and therefore it is not surprising that plants are a popular motif for a photo poster. You bring the various shades of green in your own home - whether bright lime, refreshing petrol or simply a lush green grass - this color ensures pictures again fresh. On the Viewer, the color of hope often has a harmonising effect and generally feels comfortable for the eyes. But plants are not only a wonderful motif for posters, but also an habitat for many animals. They are an important basis of all life and above all forests on our planet are among the most important ecosystems. In Germany, the area of forests is approximately 31%. Here, it is used not only as a supplier of raw materials, but also for recreational purposes. According to estimates, there are around the world between 320 000 and 500 000 plant species. About one-fifth of them is threatened with extinction. People are trying in different ways to protect the wildlife of the planet, but complicate this through pollution, pests, and for example, overexploitation of forests. A picture of a beautiful landscape with a rich flora from posterlounge inspires us not only by its beauty, but animates us every day to a considerate approach to our environment.

Discover benefits of plants on photo posters

Plant pictures are far more than just an impressive eye-catcher and very widely used by the people. In general there are three groups of the use of plants: the economic, the ecological and social use. So, already since the beginning of humanhood, plants serve as food. Theoretically, our complete nutrition is based on plants - the absorption by plants or an indirect consumption of animal products. Over the centuries, people could cultivate different plant species and so better use them for food. Today, the most important plants intended for human consumption are potatoes, rice, corn and wheat. Plants also play a vital role as a supplier of oxygen. Above, all trees are also used as a raw material supplier. We need wood for the generation of energy by burning and as material, for example for construction or for the manufacturing of paper. Other crops such as cotton and hemp are not only beautiful motifs for a picture, but can be used as material for the manufacture of substances. Who discovered a coffee plant or shrub Rosemary on a poster, is going to think about less food, but rather joy. Plants include many common essential oils and are therefore important carriers of flavours. But also in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic plants are used for example for the production of perfumes. Plant lovers just can't get enough of the important, green friends and should get for that reason an ornamental plant home. Who has a green thumb and wants, as its multiple benefits for people at home, to enjoy the beauty of plants, can decorate his walls with a beautiful photo poster with plants.

The fabulous world of plants on posters!

Many plants work their magic with their incredible beauty, the variety of colours of the flowers or the numerous, different leaf shapes. Some plants affect an image, perhaps at first glance, to look unspectacular, but can also surprise in natura by amazing properties. Among them, for example, coast redwoods, which brought forth with a copy of 115.5 meters, are the tallest tree in the world. Also the scents of plants can impress on a poster. So, there are some plants that smell like chocolate or even “Maggie”. The Titanenwurz is the plant with the largest flower. Their flowers can be up to 2 metres in height and spread an unpleasant smell of carrion. Would photographers hold the giant images, they need some luck. The plant can be up to 40 years old. Although plants feed on mainly through photosynthesis, there are also carnivorous species. Most famous member here is the Venus Flytrap that can catch insects by means of a valve. The plant world is full of surprises and unexpected, startling secrets. Photo posters from posterlounge provide an insight into this magical world, which guarantees not only impressed gardeners!