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Cactus prints with spiky style

They may be a prickly customer, but cactus pictures have a unique beauty. Look at a cactus and you see a strong survivor. There are not many things that can flourish under the scorching sun and long droughts of the desert. And it is this tough nature that makes cactus art so special. They give off a slightly edgy atmosphere. They are not pampered orchids or delicate roses – cactuses are the bad boys of the plant world. Take a look at our wide collection of cactus prints to choose your favourites amongst this eye-catching selection…

The kings of the desert

Cactus prints come in various art styles, although most have a cool, contemporary look. From colourful cartoons that the kids will love to rugged desert photography, there’s something for everyone. Choose a child-friendly picture, such as ‘Funny succulents’ or ‘Bloom Little one’, to provide some welcome contrast to all those fairy and unicorn pictures that cover the walls. Or go for cactus prints with bright colours that will work well in any family room. ‘Happy cactus’ with its rainbow colours and ‘Cactus love’ with its vibrant pop of pink are popular choices that blend a cheerful colour palette with bold graphic design.

Many photographers have been inspired to capture the beauty of the cactus. We love the close-up shot of ‘Agave’ and the bristling spines of ‘Cactus garden’. For something with a bit of grit that would work well with a masculine or American interior design theme, the desolate landscapes of ‘Desert station’ and ‘Saguaro cactus’ are great choices.

Choosing the best material for your cactus prints

When it comes to choosing the material for your print, it helps to think about the colour and style of your image. Cactus prints with a high proportion of white, perhaps with a large white background, look fantastic when printed onto modern Forex foam board. Not only will the details of your print really stand out, your picture will be light enough to hang safely on any wall you like.

If you have chosen photographic cactus prints, a sleek and glossy material can add to their impact. Acrylic glass gives a great sheen and an added sense of depth, while slender Alu-Dibond gives a vibrant colour-intensive finish. And for prints with bright colours? We love the rustic final effect you get with our FSC-certified wood board.