Leaf posters

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Bring nature indoors with leaf posters

Flowers may get all the glory but we think leaves are things of beauty in their own right. From their dazzling autumn displays to their intense greens in midsummer, leaves like to keep things interesting. We have a beautiful selection of leaves pictures that celebrate the humble leaf in a variety of artistic styles.

Whether you fancy going exotic and tropical or keeping it close to home with native trees, whether you love a frosty winter motifs or sunny spring pictures, these leaf posters are a fantastic way of bringing a touch of nature to your interior design.

Leaves of all colours, shapes and sizes

There are hundreds of varieties of leaves – and our leaf posters showcase that with a wide choice of foliage. From the jungle to the mountains, you’ll find leaves from around the world to make it easy to find a print that will work with your decor.

Perhaps you want to instil a love of learning about nature in your family? Educational leaf posters, such as ‘European Tree Leaves’, help teach students of all ages the names and shapes of different leaves. Plus, they look great! If your home has a contemporary style with lots of neutral walls, you’ll love some of the more delicate leaf posters. ‘Layered leaves’ and ‘Transparent Leaf’ are among the favourites. If you prefer a print with more vibrant colours, check out some of the tropical or autumnal leaf posters. ‘Close-up of autumn leaves’ would create a cosy effect in the living room, while prints like ‘Jungle Rising’ or ‘Agave’ could work well in the bathroom, thanks to their calming blue-green tones.

Choose from a range of materials

When it comes to selecting a material for your print, take a bit of time to think about the colour and style of your image. Vibrant leaf posters with strong colours could look fantastic printed onto 10mm FSC-certified wood. The natural look of the wood grain creates a gleaming finish – and what better way to tie in your leaf theme?

If you would prefer something less rustic (perhaps for a crisp photographic print), then acrylic glass gives a wonderful high-gloss effect and adds a real sense of depth to your image. Ideal for woodland treetop shots. If your leaf posters have a delicate quality and a high proportion of white, choosing lightweight Forex foam board will subtly enhance their finer details creating a beautiful finish.