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Water Lily Posters

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Create an oasis of calm with water lily pictures

Water lilies – those beautiful blooms that grace our ponds have proved a real inspiration for many artists over the years. Their pure white petals, their flush of rosy pink, their sunny yellow centres – no wonder they are one of our favourite flowers. And who can help but imagine happy frogs hopping from lily pad to lily pad?

Water lily pictures create an instant sense of calm and tranquillity. Whether it’s down to their still waters or the flowers themselves, using water lily pictures in those places in your home where you want to relax is a smart interior design choice. And a versatile one. We believe water lily pictures can complement any room from a garden conservatory to a bathroom. So why not plunge into our collection of water lily pictures to find your perfect choice.

From Monet to modern classics

Of course, the most famous of all the water lily art has to be that unforgettable Impressionist collection of Claude Monet artwork. His famous water lily pictures were inspired by his gorgeous garden in Giverny, which fans can still visit to this day. From the curve of the pretty footbridge to his dazzling use of colour, Monet perfectly captured everything we love about peaceful lily ponds. You’ll find many of these iconic paintings in our selection.

You’ll also find water lily pictures from more contemporary artists. Photographic prints have a wonderful, modern style. ‘Lily pads underwater’ is a popular print, bringing an interesting new perspective to a familiar subject. The unique blues of ‘Blue Water lily’ are an inspiring choice that would work well in a serene bathroom design.

Enhance the beauty of your prints with the best materials

When you have chosen prints this beautiful, taking your time to select the best material to complement them is vital. Classic Monet paintings look best printed onto soft cotton canvas for an authentic finish. Hang them in an elegant floating frame to recreate that Musée du Louvre gallery effect.

Crisp photographic water lily pictures look great printed onto slender contemporary materials, such as acrylic glass or Alu-Dibond. Or why not pair the natural feel of your image with a natural material? Rustic FSC-certified wood board adds a unique textural element to your prints that gives them a real gleam.