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Pyramid posters

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Pyramid posters: one of the Seven Wonders of the World

The Egyptian pyramids have to be one of the most iconic sights in the world. The mighty ancient structures, built thousands of years ago, draw visitors from all around the globe – all wanting to stop and marvel at the awe-inspiring pyramids. Well, now you can too! Whether you have travelled to Egypt to visit the pyramids and want a lasting memento for your home or you simply love their striking shape, pyramid posters make a great addition to many interior design styles.

From crisp photographic prints to historic paintings, the pyramids have inspired artists to create pyramid pictures in a wide variety of styles. Dive into our range of pyramid posters to bring some of their North African charm to your walls.

Giants of Giza

You can choose pyramid posters to suit your style. If you love the look of traditional techniques, such as painting and sketching, why not choose a print to reflect this? ‘The pyramids of Egypt, plate 4’ has a vintage quality you’d find on the pages of a historic library book.

Or how about telling the stories of the Giza Pyramids? ‘Building the Pyramids’ is an inspirational painting that gets us thinking about the incredible feat of engineering and effort behind the scenes. If you prefer a more contemporary style, you’ll find some beautiful photographic pyramid posters. We love some of the aerial shots that give you a unique birds-eye view and stunning landscape prints, such as ‘Sunset behind Cheops pyramid’.

Pair your prints with their perfect material

Help your pyramid posters look almost as majestic as the real thing by choosing the right material to complement them. Traditional paintings are given a gallery-worthy finish when printed onto stretched cotton canvas. You can hang your canvas directly on the wall to give it a modern edge or choose an elegant floating frame to really make an impact.

Sharp, photographic pyramid posters are given a glossy finish when printed onto contemporary acrylic glass, while prints with bright colours can be printed onto slender aluminium for an intense effect. Pale sketches of the pyramids look fantastic printed onto lightweight Forex foam board to enhance their delicate details, while printing your pyramid posters onto wood gives a unique textured finish. And if you are looking for the most affordable material? You can’t beat our high-quality photo paper.