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Grief & Sorrow – A Valuable Part of Human Experience on Art Posters

„Even the most joyful life cannot be without a certain amount of darkness; for the word “joy” would loose all meaning were it not for it’s counterpart, sorrow.” By these words, Carl Gustav Jung, Swiss psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology, describes the fundamental connection between joy and sorrow. Life cannot be imagined completely devoid of pain and sadness. Physical and psychological disease, personal losses, lovesickness, self-doubts and fear of the future – every human experiences such calamities during the course of his or her life. In order to overcome, we execute the work of mourning. We express our gloom to heal ourselves. Some would prefer not to go through with this, but as Carl Gustav Jung has already pointed out: grieving is an essential and valuable part of human experience. Only in loss and sorrow can we truly learn to appreciate love and happiness. Apart from that, there are reasons to respect the ‘darkness’ of the soul in itself. Our own grief and that of others brings out some of the best qualities in people. Even infants without any graspable concept of grief and sorrow try to comfort a crying friend. When as adults we see somebody in grief, we feel compassion, we sympathise, we are considerate and supportive. Art prints on canvas or poster bring to mind the eternal duality between joy and sorrow as well as the human quality of compassion. The online-shop at Posterlounge.co.uk offers a great variety of images for beholders to wallow in melancholy.

The artist’s fascination with the dark side of the soul

The emotional extreme of mourning has always held a certain fascination for artists. Being an expression of human sentiments, art naturally bears upon a feeling as profound as grief. That’s why, numerous authors, musicians, performers, sculptors and painters have been inspired to create some of their most celebrated works in times of suffering. In fine arts, the depiction of the anguished mind beyond words is a compelling subject. Thus, Edvard Munch’s “Scream” is regarded one of the most iconic representations of complex human torments. At the same time, illustrations of mourners are an attempt to explore the abyss of the soul and a reminder of compassion. Furthermore, depictions of a desperate Medea or Mater Dolorosa hold their very own beauty. Pictures of melancholy exude a certain sense of dignity and sublimity.

Melancholic wall decoration serves as a reminder of joy and compassion

In the form of art prints the dignity and sublimity of melancholy enters the interior of one’s home. Used as wall decoration gloomy images bring to mind the meaning of sorrow as a necessary counterpart to joy. Moreover, they remind the beholder of human qualities such as sympathy and compassion. Nevertheless, art posters that feature images of mourners or evoke a sad mood are not only suited for people who appreciate the internal value of grief. There are times, when everyone needs a little melancholy. French author Gustave Flaubert sums up this want for withdrawal and wistfulness in a humorous quote: “There are days, when you’re so sad you want to sadden yourself even more.”