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Joy And Happiness Through Art Posters On Posterlounge.de

„All men seek one goal: success or happiness,“ as ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle already observed. To him, happiness does not solely depend on material goods but mostly on virtuous deeds and human society. The pursuit of happiness as one of the most fundamental parts of human experience has been a central theme of both, Western and Eastern philosophies from their beginnings. What is true happiness? Is it in the complete absence of adversity or is it in the way to deal with the challenges of life? Is it to be found in the material world or on a more intellectual and emotional level? The answers to these huge questions have engaged minds in any culture at any time. Some opinions on the right path to bliss seem to be so essential that they extend through all philosophies and have long since become common knowledge. Share happiness and it grows. Bring joy to others and it will come to you, too. And, of course, pleasure can be found in the smallest of things. Those “small things” also include specific sensory impressions that may inspire elation. For instance, to make oneself and others happy, the stimulative and often symbolic images on art prints by Posterlounge.de might be useful.

Inspiration from the inner center

Apart from philosophy and art, the quest for happiness has always been a central topic for religious persuasion. Most of all, it has been the wisdom of Eastern religions that even today inspires believers and non-believers as a source of joy and enlightenment. In this category the product line of Posterlounge.de mainly offers Mandalas, complex figures that have been assigned some symbolic magical powers in Hinduism and Buddhism, alike. Thereby, the traditional Sand Mandala is certainly one of the most impressive forms. In hours and weeks worth of fully focused work the artist creates subtle figures only to be delightfully destroyed – as all things must perish. Mandala versions captured on canvas or poster print are somewhat more imperishable. With their geometrical orientation towards one center, mandala prints exert a calming influence on the individual living space. Finding the inner center, preserving a middle course – these are aspects also associated with the teachings of Buddhism. Representations of Siddharta Buddha are commonly perceived as an embodiment of the divine principle, even in Western societies. Thus, pictures of him radiate his peaceful nature and inspire pleasure and happiness.

Experience lucky charms on art prints

But what on earth is an elephant doing in the category “Joy and Happiness”? Well, he brings good fortune! In Africa and throughout all Asian cultures the grey pachyderm symbolizes strength, brilliancy, happiness and a long life. In today’s Europe elephant pictures and figurines are mainly used as lucky charms. This wise and strong animal is the ideal companion and guardian in everyday life. But act with caution when putting the poster or print up: images showing elephants with their trunks lifted should face the window, whereas elephants with hanging trunks face the door. This way, the lucky charm is said to unfold best. In Western culture, lucky clover is probably more common as a symbol for good fortune and happiness. It is a rare plant and hard to find – much as happiness itself. According to legend, Eva took only a leaf of lucky clover from paradise, the last remainder of Eden’s perfect bliss. What would be more suited to inspire happiness for oneself and others than such symbolic images on canvas print or poster? And, as is known by now, inspiring joy leads the road to happiness.