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Balance and Strength Art Prints: Art Posters from

What does this mean – balance? And what is strength? Without thinking too much about it, every single one of us knows: these terms are not only applied to something physical. Our language is full of metaphors: “to stand tall” for instance, or to “stand upright”. This holds good for our bodies; but as well for our soul. Our souls do need nourishment just as well as our bodies do. But the nourishment for the soul has to be of a different kind than the nourishment for the body. The soul, being far more subtle than our physical appearance needs something that seems to be of no great importance. Yet it is: Beauty!. Warmth. Light. These very things do nourish our souls. What is the easiest way to achieve them? – Pictures. Nothing can be compared with a beautiful mural that sets our mind at rest. Posterlounge offers a wide spectre in this area. Looking at one of these beautifully done art prints or art posters the soul inevitably relaxes. We feel as if a heavy weight has been lifted off.

Nourishment for the Soul: Art Prints of Balance and Strength

What is it that keeps us going the way we are used to? Is it our physical strength? Is it our intellectual ability? In a way, yes it is. But there is this very thing that is the machine, the motor, to give us lust for life, to make us go on and on. This is our soul. We sometimes tend to neglect it, as if it was not there. But – there it is, all the same. And it needs care and attention. It is quite capable to forgive – but it never forgets. Very few things are able to give comfort to the soul – light is one of these, also warmth, and, of course, pictures. A mural of sheer beauty that combines all these items of glow and light can become a reliable friend. At Posterlounge, a great variety of amazing art prints and stunning art posters can be found. Whether the personal preference goes towards the special kind of baroque style or the more playful rococo or maybe something entirely different – it is very easy to find something suitable at Posterlounge.

When the Morning Comes too Early: Art Posters of Balance and Strength

Each one of us has special preferences when it comes to the feeling that is known as “wellness”, meaning nothing else but “well being”. We all know this feeling and we want it again and again, not because of greed but because it is necessary. Our soul needs it. It is its nourishment. When it comes to terms of feeling good, there are very few things that are more reliable than pictures. A carefully chosen art print or art poster from Posterlounge will give comfort after a hard days’ work. It can also act as a stimulant when the morning once again has come too early and appears, apart from not being very welcome, gray and rainy and dreary. No one will deny the beauty of a bird’s fly. And it can be very charming to watch a young dog’s joyful play with his best friend. The flames of a fire in an old-fashioned fireplace warming the room, lending their gentle light to the darkness sure are very soothing and comforting. But there is not always a bird, a dog, a fire-place at hand. A picture, though, is.