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Mandala art: spiritual symbols in a modern interpretation

With our diverse mandala designs, you can experience spiritual moments in your own four walls. Turn your home into a wellness place where you can simply relax! Mandala wall art makes for a positive mood as well as inspiration. If you focus on mandalas for a longer period of time, the images will appear to be moving.

In Buddhist and Hindu cultures, mandalas are very common and serve as meditation objects. In a modern interpretation, they can be used as wall decoration for contemplative and meditative purposes. If you work with Feng Shui concepts, mandala designs are a perfect addition to your interior design. Mandala patterns usually represent different elements and therefore create a balance of energies.

Harmony for your bedroom design

In our shop, you can choose from a large selection of mandala art in various shades and with different, usually geometric or floral motifs. Due to their typical colourful look, mandalas are the highlight of every wall decoration. If you want to create a contemporary Asian-inspired interior style, you can also include Buddha pictures or Lotus flower and Orchid designs.

Interior design inspired by the Far East is especially well suited for bedrooms. You can combine mandala designs and other exotic motifs with bamboo elements and mango wood or sandalwood furniture. Asian design is characterised by its simplicity – less is more. Choose only a few accessories such as small statues or silk pillowcases. What’s more, green plants are a must for your authentic Asian style.

Buy mandala art online

You can choose between several different materials and sizes for your individual mandala wall art. Mandala posters are the most affordable option and can be combined with your own picture frame, which adds a personal touch to your wall decor. Canvas prints provide a warm, comfortable gallery feeling, whereas mandala art printed on Forex or Alu-Dibond impress with their elegant, ultra-thin look and brilliant colour results.

All mandala designs are printed on demand and carefully packaged. Whether you live in the United Kingdom or other parts of the world, Posterlounge offers fast and secure delivery options.