The 7 Chakras

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Seven chakras as art prints and art poster at

The word ‘chakra’ means as much as ‘wheel’, ‘disc’ ‘circle’ – something therefore of a rounded shape. Rounded shapes are shown on the numerous pictures offers as art prints and art posters. People who have a liking for esoteric consider a chakra as a centre of energy that combines the physical body of a human being with the person´s astral body. Those centres of energy are connected through channels of energy. There are, according to some dogma, seven chakras. Some other speak of nine chakras. But no matter how many chakras there may actually be they are considered as of being of great importance. Many artists have created murals having pictures of energy and mandalas as a motive. They seem to glow from within and have therefore a very special effect on the person who looks at them: they can be soothing, they can be touching, and they can be exciting. This depends mainly on the colours the artist used for the art print or art poster of which we find a great variety at Posterlounge.

They are mysterious: mandalas and energy pictures as art prints and art posters

The chakras are supposed to be situated close to the column vertebrae. They are said to be joined together through the channels of energy. Before the energy starts to flow through these channels, it is ‘curled up like a snake’ deep down in the centre that is lowest, the so called centre of Muladhare which is located in the lumbar area of a body. This sounds all very mysteriously. But it does sound very interesting as well, even fascinating. This fascination has inspired the pictures that are to find in great variety in the gallery of art prints and art posters at Posterlounge. Even without knowing anything about esoteric or yoga there comes an interest to the onlooker, a desire to leave the world of ration, if only for a little while by watching enthralled one of the murals with their carefully chosen colours. There seems to be a secret within these pictures. It is very much worthwhile to nose around the great variety Posterlounge offers as posters and art prints.

The symbolism of mandalas and energy-pictures

The main chakras are combined, depending on the various schools, with a certain number of leaves and certain colours. This is to be seen on many an art print and art poster at Posterlounge. Each chakra is also combined with a god as well as with an element that works as an agent. This can be, depending on the chakra, the element of water, or of fire, the wind, the earth. These elements are symbolized through various colours. The motives of the mandalas and energy-pictures show these symbols and their deeper meanings in various styles. When you come upon a mural showing a lotus plant with a thousand petals, you are looking at a picture of Sahasrara, the highest chakra of them all, being situated like a crown. If this chakra is opened as well as the other chakras then the energy is able to flow freely. A person with opened chakras is considered as ‘alighted’. Therefore this person has reached the highest aim of Buddhism. It is possible to reach a kind of Enlightment by looking at the pictures at Posterlounge.