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Yoga Prints

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Bring some zen to your home with yoga posters

The popularity of yoga is hardly surprising. Deep breathing, moves to stretch and strengthen, and an important spiritual element – it’s no wonder yoga makes us feel so good! Whether you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated yoga studio within your home or you simply want to bring the serenity of this graceful practice into your style, you can browse a wide range of yoga posters and find your favourites. You can create a wonderful area where you can practise your yoga in even the smallest of homes – all you need is a corner with enough room for your yoga mat, some calming music and a couple of yoga prints on the wall.

Inspirational yoga posters

Are you new to yoga and in need to something to work towards? Or perhaps you’re a yoga pro but you love the idea of practising in spectacular surroundings? Our inspirational yoga posters include images of tricky moves to aspire to, such as ‘One legged backbend or Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana’ and ‘Koundinyasana’, as well as prints of yoga poses amongst stunning scenery. From the rocky islands of Thailand in ‘A woman doing tree pose or Vrksasana’, to the powerful pose and the sun rising above the sea in ‘Woman silhouetted at Sunrise on Sanu Beach’ let your mind travel the world as you stretch. You’ll also find some inspirational art prints with motivational quotes, such as “Yoga is always a good idea” in the beautifully simple black-and-white ‘Yoga’.

Calming yoga posters

Yoga is all about bringing both the mind and body into peace. Help yourself to get into the right frame of mind while you practise your yoga by choosing a soothing picture to help still your mind. The soft bronzes and golds in ‘Buddha om’ have a lovely calming effect and work well with both neutral and bold colour schemes, while the gentle pastel colours of the abstract artwork, ‘YingYang’ can’t help relax, as well as complementing crisp white walls. 

Informative yoga posters

Whether you’re a yoga teacher creating a place for your students to unwind or you’re keen to learn as much as you can about your favourite pastime, our great range of informative yoga posters are both educational and relaxing. Make sure you are following all the right moves in your daily Sun Salutations with ‘Surya Namaskara’ or learn more about the importance of chakras with the colourful ‘System of Chakras Yoga Poster’.