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Basketball posters

Basketball posters – they’re a slam dunk!

Basketball is a fast-paced game full of excitement and drama. From the long-limbed players to that magic moment when the ball slam dunks through the hoop, basketball always has us on the edge of our seats! Fans of the game will love hanging basketball posters on their walls to remind them of their favourite sport and those memorable games over the years. But even if you’re not a player yourself, basketball posters can still be a great choice for bringing a touch of American culture to your interior design theme. Or how about hanging them as part of a gym poster collection to inspire your workouts? So hit the courts and take a look at our fantastic collection of basketball posters.

A game of the people

Our basketball posters cover everything from street games that bring an edgy urban atmosphere to Olympic posters that bring some world-class athletic inspiration. That’s the beauty of basketball – it’s so inclusive. Anyone can pick up a ball and have a go, which makes it a great choice for getting young children excited about sport. Choose child-friendly basketball posters like ‘Alien Basketball’ and ‘Do some sports’ to help grow a love of having a go.

Iconic basketball stars also make for an eye-catching image. We love the black-and-white cool of the print, ‘Bill Russell’. Choosing basketball posters of the courts themselves can be a surprisingly beautiful and subtle nod to the sport. ‘Streetball courts 1 – Potosi Bolivia’ has a stunning backdrop of mountains, while the birds in ‘Bored by basket’ add some interest.

Choose a top of the league material

Choose a material that complements your images to help them look its best. If your basketball pictures have bright, vivid colours, a material like slender Alu-Dibond will really make them pop. The ‘Streetball’ series of basketball motifs have hipster charm to them that would work really well with rustic wood board. This choice gives prints a natural look, where the grain of the 10mm FSC-certified shines through the image to create a unique texture that works well with hipster styling.

Or how about keeping things simple with our high-quality photo paper? The most affordable option, it can also be easily framed for a more polished finish. Now you just need to find the perfect spot for your new basketball poster!