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Boxing posters

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Boxing posters pack a punch

Boxers display a unique combination of power and grace. As boxing hero Muhammad Ali famously said, they “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. And what better way to bring the drama and beauty of this sport into your home than with our inspirational boxing posters? Pretty floral pictures these are not. Our boxing prints create a strong, athletic look – with plenty of punch!

Sporting heroes

We’ve all got our favourite boxing hero. Jack Johnson? Max Baer? Henry Maske? You’ll find boxing idols through the ages to choose from. Perhaps you have a memorable fight you loved? You’ll find boxing posters capturing some iconic bouts, such as ‘Max Schmeling and Joe Louis 1938’. Or maybe you are a fan of popular boxing movies like Rocky or Raging Bull? A film poster, such as ‘Rocky II’ would be a fantastic choice. You can make sure young girls don’t miss out on the boxing fun with one of our female boxer images - ‘Warrior Girl’ shows that girls can be just as fierce and powerful as the boys.  And for a bit of fun, why not choose one of our humorous boxer dog posters? ‘Knock Out’ will appeal to boxing fans young and old.

Boxing posters to inspire your training

Are you an aspiring boxer? Do you love to sweat it out in the ring? Why not add some inspirational boxing posters to your home gym set-up? Edgy black-and-white prints like ‘powerfully’ have a tough, masculine style and would look great hung near your punch bag. Or why not choose a poster with a motivational quote? ‘Muhammad Ali – Greatest’ and ‘Muhammad Ali – Sick’ are two popular choices – and would work well in any room to give you a boost as you go about your day.

What’s the best material to choose?

You want your boxing posters to look their best so take a moment to think about the material you choose. If your image has a high proportion of white, then lightweight Forex foam board is the best choice, while images of paintings always look great printed on canvas. Sleek photographic prints are given a high gloss effect when printed on acrylic glass, while Alu-Dibond gives a slender appearance, perfect for colour-intensive images. And if you have a tight budget, our high-quality photographic paper gives a great performance at a reasonable price. Now you just have to choose where to hang your prints!