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Skate Posters

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Totally rad skateboard pictures, dude!

Skateboarding has to be the sport with the most attitude. Born on the streets, skateboard posters scream urban swagger. The laid-back style, the daring tricks, the graffiti-adorned boards – no wonder skate posters are a big hit among style-conscious teens (and adults for that matter). Choosing a piece of skateboard wall art injects the action-packed vibe of the concrete jungle straight onto your walls. Whether you love the classic skate style of the ‘70s or want a print that’s bang up-to-date, our selection of skateboard art is a true visual treat. Why not “drop in” and see for yourself.

Treat your walls to some urban cool

Skateboard pictures look great with a range of interior design themes. Most obvious, of course, is that funky urban style. Think chilled out, edgy and industrial. ‘Skateboard freedom II – coloured’ is a popular choice for this style. Younger skate fans will love the colourful range of spooky skateboard pictures like ‘Alien skateboarder’.

If you’re looking for inspirational gym posters, why not choose an action shot? ‘Skateboarder jumping’ and ‘Skater’ are sure to motivate you during your workout. Or go for educational skateboard pictures like ‘Kickflip’ if you want to improve your technique. We also love skate paintings, such as ‘Skategirl #2 watercolour paint street art print’ and ‘Youth’, which bring an extra touch of creativity to the party. For original photographic skateboard pictures, choose a close-up shot like the wheel in ‘Skateboard freedom 1 – coloured’ or the lines of bright retro boards in ‘Skateboards on the wall.’

A choice of materials to suit all styles

Complement your skateboard pictures with the right material to make your image really pop! The wooden texture of close-up shots of the boards themselves look great printed onto rustic FSC-certified wooden board. The grain of the wood gives a unique texture and gleam to your print. For sleek contemporary photographic prints, a modern material like glossy acrylic glass can enhance the shine and depth of the image. If you’re buying skateboard pictures for teenagers and don’t want to shell out too much on what could be just a passing craze, our high-quality photo paper is the most affordable option. And if they become die hard skating fans? You can easily frame the poster for a long-lasting final effect.