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Robots & Mecha posters – Man and Machine in Perfect Harmony

„Do Androids dream of electric sheep?“ author Philip K. Dick once wondered, and so did a vast number of robot, android and cyborg fans worldwide. Ever since the tripods in H.G. Well’s “War of the Worlds” and the steam-worked elephant from Jules Verne’s “Steam House”, all sorts of mechanical creatures have exerted their special fascination on authors and artists, alike. Besides the fusion of men and machine, this is mainly about the technological creation of artificial intelligence modelled on nature. The merging of organism and mechanism works best in case of the cyborgs, whose biological bodies are altered by technological devices. Such hybrid beings are not to be confused with androids, which look human but are in fact a subdivision of humanoid robots. Apart from these, many other kinds of versatile gadgets belong to the category of robots. Their name gives away their one common purpose: The Slavic word “robota” means “work”. In the field of science fiction, artistic and literary works featuring robotic machines belong to the genre of Mecha. Known from Japanese pop culture, the term mainly describes versatile walking machines operated by a pilot. The fascination of robots and human-like machines has always inspired illustrators, graphic artists and painters to various fantastic pictures. Hence, there is a broad range of art prints and posters with android and robotic images available for all Mecha enthusiasts at Posterlounge.co.uk.

Bleep, bleep, bleep: Robots are taking over the world

What looks like the title of a science fiction film has long been reality in military operations: robots are taking over. For years, drones and robots for specific tasks have been in service; the key to future warfare lies in autonomous battle robots. On the other hand, battle robots serve much less serious purposes, as well: On “Robot Wars”, teams fought against one another with their machines. Robots can even play football; world championships have been held since 1996. Developed by Japanese scientists in 2005, android Repliee Q1 looks deceptively similar to an adult woman. However, many years before taking hold in the real world, robots, androids and cyborgs have taken over screenland. Every child still knows Luke Skywalker’s helpers C-3PO and R2D2 from the Star Wars films as well as android Data from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. Dr. Who’s robot dog K9 was a faithful companion and one of the most popular characters of the series.

Imaginative wall decoration featuring inventive machine cult

Since the year 1927, when golden machine Maria had caused the demise of “Metropolis” in Fritz Lang’s monumental silent film, human-like machines have become a cult in popular culture. Numerous films and illustrations centre on artificially created robots and androids. What’s more, due to contemporary subcultures such as Steampunk and Dieselpunk, the genre of Mecha is still burgeoning. The imagination of both, artists and fans is captured by the fusion of nature and technology, the reproduction of humanoid creatures by technological means and the repercussions of ruthless progress. A piece of the inventive and multifaceted machine cult can decorate the walls of one’s own home as a picture on canvas or poster.