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Pictures of Africa – from the Pyramids to the Serengeti!

From Egypt’s ancient landmarks, to the vivid colours of the spices and fabrics in the Moroccan souks, to the wild plains (and animals) of the Serengeti – Africa is truly the greatest continent on Earth. Its beautiful landscapes are home to thundering waterfalls, great lakes, mighty mountains, lush rainforests and sun-scorched deserts. Everything is bigger in Africa, whether it’s the sunsets or the elephants. With such a variety of natural beauty, along with a rich culture and history to capture, you’ll find a fantastic selection of Africa posters to choose from. Have a browse and bring a glimpse of this epic continent into your home…

Landscape pictures of Africa

Africa is alive with colour and adding Africa pictures into your home’s style is a wonderful way of injecting some vibrancy into its look. The beautiful warm oranges and golds of the sunrise in ‘Morning in Africa’ would work well in a sunroom or study, while the cool blues and turquoises of the calm waves in ‘Mauritius Panorama’ would create a calming tranquil feel in a bathroom. The deep reds and blues of the Namibian desert, with a romantic moon rising above the sands, would be an inspiring late night scene to enjoy on your bedroom walls. If you prefer an art print to a photographic one, you might love the hustle and bustle captured in watercolour in ‘Market in Tunis’ or a traditional African artwork, such as ‘African women fetching water’.

Animal pictures of Africa

If you conjure up images of Africa in your mind, its captivating animals will without a doubt be there in the picture. Graceful giraffes, lovable elephants, prowling cheetahs, bold zebras – they’ve all captured our hearts. Choosing animal pictures of Africa is a sure-fire crowd pleaser for all ages. Children will love the friendly animal pictures in ‘Herd in the evening’ or the cheeky faces of the ‘Meerkats’ on their bedroom walls. Or try hanging a heart-warming scene, such as ‘Elephant family’ or ‘Zebra friends’, in a cosy family living room. 

Pictures of Africa’s people

Africa’s people are as diverse as its landscape, and you’ll find some beautifully evocative portraits among our pictures of Africa. A contemporary décor style would suit a striking black and white print, such as ‘Mursi’ or ‘Painting the face of a karo tribe girl’. Or perhaps opt for the playful blend of pop art and desert tribal elders in ‘All we need is love’ for a unique and eye-catching piece of art.