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Latin & South America – A Spark Of The Green Continent On Art Posters

Many countries on the fourth largest continent of the world are among the most popular destinations – with good reason. Indeed, the multifaceted landscapes of South America are stunningly beautiful: Besides multi-coloured rain forests with their abundance of species and huge rivers such as the Amazon, the ‘green continent’ also provides heady heights in mountain ranges and endless beaches in coastal regions. Thereby, the landscapes of South America can be divided into three wider areas, namely the highlands of the Andes in the West and the river landscapes and hill country east of the Andes. The first humans have populated these areas as early as 20,000 BC; the Valdivia in the region of Ecuador are regarded as the oldest civilisation. From 1200 onwards, the Inca – probably the best-known South American high culture – have established their gigantic realm and dominated large parts of the continent. Following the invasion of Spanish conquerors, Incan culture was obliterated in the 16th century. For a long time, South America was ruled by Spain and Portugal until more and more colonies won their independence during the 19th century. Following the disintegration of a confederation, the free areas became the national states known today. The broader cultural term ‘Latin America’ refers to all Portuguese or Spanish speaking countries and includes parts of Central America and the Caribbean. Latin America’s rich culture and exotic biodiversity have inspired artists to capture the passion of the green continent in their pictures. With art prints from Posterlounge, a spark of its beauty embellishes one’s own home.

Latin American culture between passion and tradition

Until the present day, indigenous cultures of South and Central America fascinate historians and artists alike. Impressive Mayan temples, Aztec warfare and sacrificial cults as well as mysterious traces of the Incan culture inspire curiosity as much as imagination. Colourful and vivacious as they are, old Latin American traditions attract tourists even today. Like sombreros and ponchos, Mexico’s typical fiestas such as the Charreadas (horse-riding games) are rooted in ancient traditions. Legendary Cuban nights are made of Cuba Libre, fine cigars and fiery salsa dances. The Brazilian carnival in Rio has long become a worldwide attraction. Endless beaches and blue lagoons make islands in the Caribbean a paradise on earth. The same holds true for the high plains of the Andes, the valleys along the waterfront of the Amazon and the rain forests in South America.

Exotic wall decoration blooms in bright colours

These regions provide a habitat for a multitude of species. Llamas, alpacas, armadillos, sloths and chinchillas inhabit the wide countryside; piranhas, alligators and pink river dolphins splash about in the water. The bright colourings of their plumage make bird species such as parrots, toucans or the quetzal living symbols of Latin America’s colourful diversity. Pictures of this very abundance of nature embellish the walls of every room either on canvas or on poster. Whether these prints are illustrations of nature or depictions of the ancient culture, art posters featuring images from Latin and South America bestow upon interior decorations an exotic, paradisiac flair.