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The beauty of bathroom pictures

Bathrooms are often last on the list when it comes to showing our home some decorating love but your bathroom is so much more than a purely functional room. So why not treat it to a facelift with some bathroom prints and create a beautiful soothing environment, perfect for washing away the cares of the day? Relax with a long, luxurious bubble bath, wake up to the new day by showering in style, or make your bathroom a place your children actually want to be! Choosing some beautiful bathroom wall pictures can help transform your bathroom into anything you like, from a fun family room to your own private mini-spa!

Use bathroom pictures to create a haven

When it comes to choosing your bathroom pictures, go with a picture that makes you feel good. Your bathroom can be an oasis of calm, away from the hustle and bustle of life, work and responsibilities. A stunning ocean scene can instantly transport you to a more serene place whether that’s an exotic desert island, a waterfront boardwalk, or some wild windswept sands. Bathroom pictures depicting delicate nature close-ups can be particularly calming. Dewdrops, soft rippled sands, seashells, or the fragile petals of flowers all bring a gentle vibe to your bath-times.

Bestselling bathroom pictures

We love gazing into the silvery horizon with a print like “Le Mont á la Saint-Michel” or escaping to the colourful world beneath the waves with “Collare Butterflyfish”. Bring a sense of fun with bathroom pictures to appeal to all of the family, such as the ducks in the pop art style or the humorous “Daily Soap”. Or why not bring some class to your bathroom with a fine art print? Arthur Percy Dixon’s “The Frog Prince” is a beautiful waterside piece, while Jean Leon Gerome’s “Frauenbad” brings an opulent spa feel to your bathing. And if you prefer something more vibrant to wake you up in the mornings? The rich oranges of “Sol Fantastico” should do the trick!

Your bathroom can get splashy and steamy, so make sure you opt for a material for your picture which is going to be resistant to moisture. A paper poster, when framed, can be a cost-effective option, but printing onto Alu Dibond or Acrylic glass are also great choices for your bathroom pictures, giving you a slender water-resistant picture.