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Black-and-white pictures: one of this year’s top trends

The black-and-white interior design trend is here to stay. This versatile look can be classic and sophisticated or bold and edgy, but it always makes an impact. Of course, black-and-white wall art is a must if you are fully embracing the trend and creating a stylish monochrome room.

But black-and-white prints also work well with a range of different styles, from Japanese to the ’60s. The beauty of this style of art is that you never need worry about black-and-white posters clashing with your chosen colour scheme. Whether you have painted your walls in bright colours or muted tones, monochrome art will complement them perfectly. So get on board with the king of contemporary trends and check out our collection of beautiful black-and-white pictures for yourself.

Modern monochrome magic

You’ll find a wide selection of black-and-white pictures to choose from, with something for all ages, rooms and styles. As the trend started in the 1960s, why not capture the retro cool of the era with a print like ‘sixties’ or ‘Ink Audrey’.

If you’re looking for something a little more current, take a look at our typography prints. Black-and-white pictures with funny or inspirational words are a great way of reflecting your personality with your interior design.

‘Welcome’ looks great hanging in a hallway, while ‘Bon Appetit’ brightens up a dining room or kitchen. Or how about ‘Love’ in the bedroom for a touch of romance? You’ll also find some cute black-and-white pictures for children. ‘Lazy morning sloth’ or ‘Three Crazy Owls’ would be a hit with any child.

Make your black-and-white pictures shine

This style of art is so versatile that it will work well with the variety of materials. If your pictures have a high proportion of white, they will look fantastic printed onto lightweight Forex foam board. Not only does this material enhance the fine details of your black-and-white pictures, it will also hang safely on any wall – perfect for a nursery!

If you have chosen a glamorous print, consider printing onto glossy acrylic glass to really boost the wow factor. On the other hand, if you have chosen a softer print with shades of grey, stretched canvas is a great option for you. And don’t forget our affordable photo paper is high-quality and easy to frame.