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Classroom posters to inspire young minds

School might have been dull in our day but that doesn’t mean the classrooms of today have to be the same. Engaging school posters can brighten up the classroom, inspire our youngsters, and even teach them a thing or two! Whether you’re searching for the perfect classroom posters for school or home, our selection of colourful prints will help to spark those young imaginations and bring learning to life. From numbers and nature, to animals and alphabets, there’s something for all ages and interests.

Fun classroom posters

Learning is fun, so choose something that will amuse and appeal to your little ones. Teach them their ABC with Sandy Lohss’ cheeky animal alphabet posters or zoom into space with “Our Solar System”. Travel around the globe with a vibrant wall map of the world or bring their favourite animals into the classroom with the “Cute Animal ABC” poster. Older children will appreciate the chimp classroom joke in “Evolution”, while the younger ones will delight in the magic of the colourful “Retro Unicorn” leaping across their walls.

Educational classroom posters

Bringing artwork to the walls of the classroom does more than add a splash of colour. Many are a fantastic learning tool for the classroom’s residents. Bright designs create a captivating learning environment so choosing a classroom poster like “Zoo” or “Learn to Count” is a great way to educate in an enjoyable way. For older children, our set of educational nature posters offer more in-depth information, from “Animal Tracks” to “Identifying Leaves”, letting children subtly acquire knowledge as they pass by on a daily basis. Or perhaps you could bring science and math to life with a simple but effective poster of the “Hydrological Cycle” or “Geometric Formulas”. Classroom posters can also inspire our youngsters to explore the world, whether they want to visit the African plains they’ve seen in the beautiful “Namibia” or “Rwanda” prints, or they are drawn to the bright lights of the French capital in the “Paris Street Map”.

Choose the right material for your classroom posters

The choice of material can make all the difference to the impact of your print. Of course, if your classroom is on a tight budget then opting for a paper poster print is the most cost-effective option. If you want to go for something more durable, then Alu-Dibond is a great choice for vividly coloured prints, while Forex is better suited to prints with a high content of white in the design.