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Gym Posters

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Gym posters – motivation and inspiration for your workout

The gym or home fitness studio can be a dull, functional place, all whitewashed walls and heavy, muscle-building machinery. But it doesn’t have to be this way. A gym should inspire us to make the best of our bodies, motivating us to push our limits and keep ourselves in shape. The right gym posters can help you to focus your mind, driving you to go that extra mile, lift that extra pound or hold that yoga pose for just a few seconds longer. Turn your mechanical jungle into a fitness sanctuary today!

Gym posters give soul to both home and commercial fitness studios

Whether you run a fitness business or just like to work out at home, our gym pictures can help set the mood that will inspire you and your customers to test their limits to the maximum. Photographs of famous sportspeople such as Muhammad Ali and Jack Johnson will help you to envisage your goals, as will our stylised gym posters of famous Olympians. We also have a great range of male and female bodyscapes to admire and aspire to, plus some excellent scientific posters to remind you of your muscle groups.

If you prefer a more relaxed exercise environment, we also have plenty of fitness posters for yoga enthusiasts: adorn your walls with “Yoga with a Cat or Yoga on the Beach” to help you focus, and let go of your daily stresses and worries. Those with a sense of adventure or need to escape will also be calmed by our stunning sunset photographs of sporting silhouettes, including cyclists, joggers and even cliff-side rapellers.

Here at Posterlounge we love all sports, and our range of gym posters also includes some amazing art and photography of swimmers, golfers, skiers, rowers and many other activities. Colourful depictions of football and basketball matches are the perfect way to brighten up your gym walls – or if you want something more exotic, take a look at our “Kyudo” gym poster. This form of archery is an ancient Japanese martial art, and the true embodiment of focus and discipline.

Gym posters in a variety of formats and sizes

Our gym posters cover a variety of artistic styles, and we have all the formats to match. Print your black-and-white-photography of the amazing human body on lightweight acrylic glass for a classy, professional look, or get your colourful sports artwork on large-format, fine-grain cotton canvas for that truly inspiring aura.