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Industrial Posters

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Edgy industrial wall art

The raw style of the industrial interior design trend is a real favourite at the moment. Think exposed brick and pipes, glossy stainless steel and the celebration of functional items. Rooms are typically decorated in warm, neutral colours, with slate grey also featuring. Industrial art to complement the trend is essential – and luckily for you we’ve got a great collection.

Industrial decor is all about blending an exciting mix of modern and vintage styles to create stunning rooms with that New York loft apartment look. Whether you want to full-on embrace the look or simply add some subtle industrial touches to your home, you’re going to love our bold selection of industrial wall art…

Vibrant and stylish

Industrial wall art packs a punch. You won’t find soft watercolours and pastel colour palettes here! These prints are all about strong lines, angular shapes and quirky subjects. Colours range from bright and vivid to understated greys and blacks. ‘Shattered Concrete’ is a popular piece of industrial wall art, with its metallic, coppery lines and jagged grey shapes. We love prints of functional industrial structures, such as ‘Lanstroper Water Tower’ and ‘The engine of a Boeing 737-400’. They have a stark quality that is truly beautiful in its own right. As a hipster favourite, cycling posters are also huge in industrial wall art.

For something more colourful, abstract prints like ‘wind’ and ‘Chaos’ work really well with this trend, adding a much-needed pop of colour amongst all that grey and steel. Softer tones in industrial wall art are also popular. ‘Berlin Map Retro’ and ‘The pigeon, no. 12’ are two great choices of prints if you love this trend but want to keep your colours gentle and warm.

Choose the ideal material for your industrial wall art

When it comes to choosing a printing material for your images, we’ve got some fantastic contemporary options. Complement the industrial theme by printing onto rustic FSC-certified wooden board.  It’s a unique choice that gives great texture to your industrial wall art. For stylish black-and-white photographs, sleek acrylic glass gives beautiful shine and adds depth to the image.

Or how about slender aluminium sheets, also known as Alu-Dibond? What could tie in better? Metal is huge in this trend, and this unusual material gives a bold and eye-catching finish to your prints. And if you have blown your decorating budget on expensive industrial lighting, don’t worry. Our high-quality photo paper gives a great performance at an affordable price.