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Library posters

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Library posters to relax with

There’s nothing better than escaping the stresses of life and curling up with a good book. Whether your book collection is housed in a cosy reading corner or has expanded to the point where it need its own room, choosing calming library posters can really enhance the atmosphere and the experience of your reading space.

Perhaps you love classic artworks, such as Charles James Lewis’ “Reading at the window” or Carl Holsoe’s “The Reader”, with their soft tones and fine brushwork? Or maybe you’re drawn to more contemporary works or photographs, such as the heart-warming scene of two children reading depicted in “Learning” or the wall-to-wall books in “The Library”? Either way, choosing library posters of tranquil scenes can really help you to create a place for reading that is serene and soothing. 

Children’s library posters

It’s never too early to start building a love of reading in your children. Why not encourage young minds into the world of stories by creating a colourful library area for them? Comfy cushions, colourful bookshelves and some child-friendly library posters on the walls can make an inviting place for them to settle in with their favourite reads. The playful “book nosing” depicts a small boy and his animal friends enjoying their books, while the cosy bear hug in “Joy of discovery” will appeal to children of all ages. Or why not go for the whimsical detail of “Neverending Stories” with so many details for little ones to enjoy looking at?

Inspirational library posters

The joy of reading is in the ability of books to transport you to faraway places and times. The adventure and imagination of books can be reflected in the library posters that you choose, creating an inspirational space.

A modern black and white print with an inspiring quote can be a simple but stylish touch. Our range of prints of iconic posters created by the famous New York Bleeker St Book Store are a great choice, for example “Bleeker Books No.3” with the fantastically humorous quote “Book lovers never go to bed alone”. Or for an other-worldly quality, the strange creatures of Hieronymus Bosch’s “Garden of pleasure” make a unique choice for your library posters. You can choose to have your prints made on a variety of materials to suit your décor, from traditional budget-friendly paper posters, to the glossy finish of acrylic glass.