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Living room pictures for all tastes

The living room is often our favourite room in the house. Designed for comfort, relaxation and even fun, it’s the room we love to spend time in. Whether we’re unwinding on the sofa with a glass of wine and a movie, playing games with the family, or enjoying the peace and quiet with a good book, the living room is a place with many functions.

Your living room has a lot of scope to reflect your personal style and tastes, from wall colours and wallpaper, to soft furnishings and living room pictures – let yourself be creative! Whether you love a traditional country feel, a stark minimalist style or fun eclectic décor, we have exactly the right wall pictures for living room to suit your space and tastes.

Calming living room pictures

Do you want to create a cosy room for resting and relaxing after a busy day? Choosing soothing living room pictures can have a wonderful effect. Many people find scenes from nature to be particularly effective – and a great way of bringing the outdoors into your home.
The stillness captured in the breaking dawn of ‘A red deer in the woods’ or the sunbeams streaming though the trees in “Fog and sunrays in the forest” have a captivating quality that will complement many colour schemes. The delicate white flowers of ‘Pear blossoms I’ work well with muted tones or patterned wallpapers, while the dreamy pier of ‘nowhere’ would look lovely on walls decorated in blues or greys. 

Vibrant living room pictures

If you love entertaining and having fun in your living room, choosing living room pictures with vivid colours can really reflect the room’s energy and life. The bright tones of ‘autumn tree I’ or ‘colourful poppy flowers’ capture nature at its most vibrant and make for an eye-catching focal point.

A colourful abstract artwork can be a bold and exhilarating choice. We love the rich reds and oranges of ‘Abstrakt Nr 101’ and the subtler mauves and golds of ‘Bring Wine’. Nothing is more compelling than the human face and a well-chosen portrait piece can add interest to any space. The monochrome ‘Polka dots girl’ is a stylish choice for a contemporary room, while the strong yet peaceful features of ‘Buddha-Arrive’ bring a spiritual touch to an Asian-inspired living room.

You can choose to have your living room pictures printed on a range of materials to complement your style, from canvas to sleek modern aluminium or glass.