White Posters

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Stylish white wall art

Love contemporary interior design? Want to create an oasis of calm? Embracing the colour white is many designers’ favourite way to rejuvenate a room, brighten up your space and create a clean and serene atmosphere. This applies to your walls, your furniture, your rugs, curtains and cushions – and yes, your wall art!

White is versatile – it can be soft and romantic or cool and urban. It can even be relaxed and child-friendly. Whether you want to style your entire room in white or pick and choose key components of this trend, take a look at our beautiful collection of white wall art and enjoy the instant sense of de-cluttering they bring…

Scenes from nature

You might expect nature prints to be full of bright greens and blues, but our white wall art selection tells a different story! Choose from beautiful snowy scenes, such as ‘Winter in Central Park’, pictures of misty daybreaks, such as ‘Balloon above the Bagan temples’, and close-ups of nature’s finest details enhanced by clean white backgrounds, such as ‘3 feathers’ or ‘Fluffy dandelion’.

Prints for all the family

White can seem like a grown-up colour, but white wall art is popular with all ages. Children will love white images with a splash of colour, such as ‘Raccoon with feather’, or cute characters like the lovable ‘Little penguin’.

Brighten up family rooms like the kitchen with an inspirational contemporary print, such as ‘Good vibes only’. Or why not choose a piece of seductive white wall art for your bedroom? We love ‘Sleeping #1’ – what could be better for bedrooms!

Choose the perfect material for your white wall art

When it comes to choosing the material you would like your image to be printed on, you have a range of options – from affordable photo paper to traditional canvas.

To really bring out the quality of your white wall art, we suggest considering lightweight Forex foam board, which is ideal for pictures with a high proportion of white in them. Not only does Forex allow the small and delicate details of your picture to be picked up and enhanced, but this super-light material can safely hang on any wall. You could even go big and opt for a dramatic XXL panoramic print!

If you prefer a glossy finish, acrylic glass gives a beautiful sense of depth and luxury, whilst slender Alu-Dibond looks great if your picture contrasts white with other intense colours.