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Our Bauhaus posters – an avant-garde for the living room

With geometric structures, intense watercolours and abstract concepts, our Bauhaus posters give your home a modern flair. The art school was founded in Weimar in 1919 and is considered one of the starting points of the avant-garde and classical modernism, and still shapes the image of modernist trends today. Quite a few of the designs originated as exhibition posters, some of which you can also find in our online shop – for example, the posters for the Bauhaus exhibition in 1923, the first public presentation of the Bauhaus in Weimar. This opens up a whole new perspective on the concept of art and makes it possible to look at it on different levels. Bauhaus-style artworks look particularly authentic on our premium poster paper. The high-quality paper and our UV inks perfectly bring out the colour brilliance and extraordinary style of our Bauhaus posters. We recommend ordering them in size 50 × 70 cm or 70 × 100 cm, as this is the ideal way to present the designs and their details.

Bauhaus in a frame

In our online shop, you have the option of ordering your Bauhaus poster already framed or choosing an art print directly. Framed prints inevitably have a stronger presence in the room because the frame creates a certain depth and feel. A frame also gives your Bauhaus poster a touch of elegance without losing its modern style. So, if you want to make a statement with your favourite Bauhaus design, you can order your poster framed. At Posterlounge you can find frames in various colours directly on the product page. Our customer service team are also happy to help you find the perfect design. Regardless whether there are questions about material, sizes or frames, we are there for you.

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