Poster from music or movie poster as art poster

Everything that the music industry, cinema or TV are offering our eyes and ears remains - depending on taste, interest and popularity - in the minds of millions of fans around the globe. To support this phenomenon, an uncountable number of poster and merchandise items are being provided for the necessary closeness. Especially suitable are huge poster, which let the pithy message from your wall shine. Stars in life-size or as door poster are moving onto the walls of their admires. For the son it could be the Toy Story Poster of Disney and for Dad it could be a Rolling Stones Poster. Mostly younger and older girls like to decorate their rooms with the classics of the film history like Marilyn Monroe or an Audrey Hepburn poster. You can find funny, scurrile and provocative poster under the big brands - like Coca Cola, Ferrari, Hello Kitty or Playboy - that should be more or less known. Nowadays computer games are not only taken place in the computer world, but also on the walls. From Assassins to Call of Duty - certainly the gambler`s heart will find here what it was looking for. Our music collection includes the most different genres and offers band poster and poster of musicians and singer for each taste! And if your taste changes - no problem - Posterlounge poster are so cheap that they can be ordered more often.

Art prints from classic epochs and modern art genres

You are visiting an online gallery full of creativity, while looking at the art print collection of Posterlounge. From the earliest classic art epochs to the contemporary and modern art - true masterpieces can be found in the clearly structured topic worlds. Are you looking for Art Nouveau images adorned with flourishes or colourful retro Pop art prints? Or do the Fantasy Art of the Surrealism or the realness and the details of the realism fills you with enthusiasm? You´ll get carried away if you see what the young wild learnt from the old masters and how much the choice of the art prints from the history to the past varied. For different premises, for your home or as give away - our collection includes high quality canvas and art prints for all topics, types of colours and gift ideas.

Photographs as classic black and white photography or colourful Photo Poster

If you are the optimistic type, if you love nature, if you like to travel or if you want to fulfil your dreams and goals - with photographs in canvas you are perfectly right! Our photo art also fits perfectly to home-loving, comfortable and secluded persons that are proud of their origin - whether in the city or country. Because exactly these are the moments that famous international photographers capture in their photographs. These are real moments with charm, wit and humour, with tension and vividness or with resting poles and a melancholic note. The most popular motifs are city and landscape photographing, flower photos, animal photography or people portraits of famous personalities.


Our bestsellers to range from the categories of music, photography and film to art


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