Paul Klee

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Paul Klee

A versatile artist

Looking for uniformity in Paul Klee's oeuvre is a futile attempt. The Suisse painter and graphic artist is one of the most versatile artists of the modern age. He created works of art, which can be assigned to expressionism or cubism, but also surrealist and constructivist ones. Learn more about the painter's life and discover our selection of Paul Klee posters online!

Klee grew up in an art loving and musical home. His parents recognized their son's talent early and promoted his violin playing - even if he preferred drawing and poetry. Contrary to his parents' wish, he later decided to study at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts.

Paul Klee first worked as a graphic artist, creating innumerable sketches, drawings, and illustrations. The main influences on his art were his affiliation with the Blue Rider artist community, as well as his journey to Tunis with his friends and colleagues August Macke and Louis Moilliet.

‘The colour has me. I don't need to make a grab for it. It has me forever, I know that. This is the meaning of the happy moment: me and the colour are one. I am a painter.’
(Paul Klee)

In 1921, Paul Klee is called to Bauhaus in Weimar by Walter Gropius. In the following ten years, he was to become one of Germany's most popular and influential artists. The Nazis banned Klee: In 1937, his paintings were shown in the Degenerate Art Exhibition - together with those of Kandinsky, Chagall and many other artists of the Modern Age. When the political pressure on Klee increased, he returned to Switzerland, where he died in 1940.

Main Facts:

  • born on December 18, 1879, in Munchenbuchsee, Switzerland
  • works of expressionism, surrealism, cubism, and many more
  • main works: The Red Bridge, Castle and Sun, The Adventure Ship
  • died on June 29, 1940, in Muralto, Switzerland

No trace of monotony - Paul Klee's manifold style

Paul Klee was a very productive artist - apart from his paintings, he created hundreds of graphics and sketches. His pictures show different techniques, such as ink, oil and watercolours, and materials with differently structured surfaces. Furthermore, Klee cannot be assigned to a particular art style - some are surrealistic, others expressionistic or cubist. The absence of uniformity!

The painted works burst with colours, but some are also gloomy. Most of Paul Klee's pictures clearly show his graphic talent, because his forms are often geometrically exact. They nevertheless exude an engaging lightness.

One of Klee's most known paintings is Castle and Sun. It shows a castle which is composed of numerous coloured squares, which gloom warmly, being lit by the sun. The different coulour shades and non-straight lines create a dynamic and lively impression. This makes the picture an exciting eye-catcher on your wall.

Important works of the artist:

  • The Goldfish
  • Main Path and Byways
  • Winter Day Just Before Noon

Discover these and many more pictures from his multi-faceted oeuvre. Add expressive colour accents to your walls with posters or art prints by Paul Klee.