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Selling artwork at Posterlounge – professional & successful

Being a renowned art publishing house founded by an artist and based in Leipzig (Germany), we manufacture high-quality art prints on different materials. Our pictures are shipped worldwide and add a welcoming feel-good atmosphere to your private and business rooms. Long years of cooperation with international artists, image libraries and license agencies resulted in a huge portfolio of classic art, contemporary graphics, modern illustrations, nostalgic film posters, and fascinating photographs.

Art that catches the eye ...

Image 1
High-Quality Illustration
Image 2
Professional Photography
Image 3
Expressive Painting
Image 4
Professional Photography
Image 5
High-Quality Illustration
Image 6
High-Quality Illustration
Image 7
Expressive Painting
Image 8
Expressive Painting
Image 9
High-Quality Illustration
Image 10
Professional Photography
Image 11
High-Quality Illustration
Image 12
Expressive Painting
Image 13
Professional Photography
Image 14
High-Quality Illustration
Image 15
High-Quality Illustration

Voices of our artists that make us proud ...

Nailia Schwarz
The pictures are selling well, the processing is fast and straightforward, the artist support is always there for me.
Nailia Schwarz, Photographer
Matteo Colombo
I‘ve seen the first sales within days after uploading the images, so definitely I will keep increasing my portfolio here.
Matteo Colombo, Photographer
Bridgeman Images
Good sales, reliable and transparent accounting. The cooperation is particularly pleasant.
Steffen Wedepohl, Bridgeman Images
Hady Khandani
Fair conditions, steadily rising sales figures and expert advice.
Hady Khandani, Photographer
Paolo - The Usual Designers
Professionality, quality, service, kindness. All togheter in one place is not rare to find, it's unique. I feel proud to be part of Posterlounge.
Paolo - The Usual Designers, Illustrator
MGL Licensing
I am huge fan of the reporting features which make it easy for us to track sales and identify which images and artists are more popular.
Alex Rodriguez, MGL Licensing
Stefan Kahlhammer
Everything is highly professional here – from the range of artists and images, to the shop design, the processing and the support.
Stefan Kahlhammer, Illustrator
Julia Delgado
As Posterlounge is also present on platforms like Amazon and eBay, artists obtain even more attention and higher sales.
Julia Delgado, Photographer