Dave Derbis

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Dave Derbis

About Dave   Dave is a passionate photographer and professional web developer currently living in Leipzig, Germany. In the past years he has worked for Panasonic, eBay and other E-Commerce companies while he is now concentrating on his photography and the Dynamic Galleries photo website system. 


The earth is an amazing place full of variety and beauty everywhere, but in my opinion it doesn't get much better than relaxing at a remote alpine lake or rugged beach far from civilisation noise, hecticness, stress and every imaginable distraction of our modern world. At those places surrounded by massive snow-covered mountains and breath taking wide views I really feel free. Nature is good for my soul.

One goal of my photography is to record and communicate some of those moments of paradise in nature. Further on I want to show the purity, grandeur and uniqueness of nature and perhaps inspire people to appreciate and respect the remaining wilderness for themselves.

Of course, I'm also a child of civilization, and I depend upon technology, computers, books, and digital cameras. I have responsibilities, assignments, deadlines etc. But I like to escape as often as I can, recharge my batteries, and enjoy solitude.

My photography takes me to spectacular places I might not witness otherwise and it also lets me see these moments with the right kind of eyes, often in weather conditions and at times of the day I might not usally prefer to be in without the motivation of taking photos. I hope to share my way of seeing these scenes with others through my web galleries and prints.

The combination of nature, technology, creativity, traveling and hiking is exactly what I was looking for and what I really enjoy! It's not just love for photography, it's my passion. It goes beyond liking, and beyond a hobby, it's about a way of living. Photography is essential to my life.   Links www.dave-derbis.de www.dynamicgalleries.com