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What to know about our aluminium prints

Want to have that gallery feeling at home? Then you’ve come to the right place, thanks to our aluminium prints. Photography and art professionals, as well as gallery owners, appreciate the material for its sleek and sophisticated look. The ultra-thin material lends the images a subtle elegance, making them look particularly high-quality. The interplay of the intense colours and the silky matt surface reveals a very special aesthetic – regardless of whether the image uses more subtle or high-contrast colour combinations. Photographs of urban scenes and natural landscapes in particular can be staged in a unique way. In our extra-large formats, these images look extraordinarily impressive – this is also due to the sharp image reproduction of our aluminium prints.

The material of our aluminium prints impresses with its stability, resistance and high image quality. We use UV-resistant inks for printing our images and can thus guarantee long-lasting colour fastness for our motifs, even when they are exposed to the sun. The matt surface also prevents unwanted reflections. Because the material is so resistant, it is even suitable for damp rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms and can even be installed on terraces and balconies.

The aluminium prints can be easily cleaned with a soft, damp cloth. Hanging them up is also straightforward – the corresponding wall mount is included in the price and is delivered together with the print. Browse through our online shop and find the perfect aluminium artwork for your home now!

Print on a 3 mm thick aluminium composite panel Print on a 3 mm
thick aluminium composite panel
Satin-like finish Satin-like
Easy to clean and sturdy Easy to clean
and sturdy
Wall mounts included Wall mounts

Art prints on aluminium – set a modern tone in your home

Aluminium prints are one of the latest trends in modern wall design. Works of art and photographs are often presented as aluminium prints. The material’s modern flair allows you to see classic works of art from the Impressionist and Renaissance eras with a new perspective. Aluminium as a material harmonises particularly well with the colours and shapes of modern photographs and abstract graphics.

The properties of our aluminium artwork speak for themselves: the razor-sharp reproduction, the silky matt surface and the sleek look. Bring the works of art from the museums of this world directly into your living room with our prints. Create a modern, elegant look and give your rooms that certain something, in a subtle way.

Handmade by Posterlounge Handmade by Posterlounge
Environmentally friendly ink Environmentally friendly ink
Print on demand Print on demand

The aluminium material ensures high colour intensity, so your new wall art will really catch the eye. And you don’t have to worry about steam if you’re cooking or water splashes from the shower. Our aluminium artworks are UV- and moisture-resistant and are very easy to clean, with just a cloth. For these reasons, the material is highly recommended for the bathroom and kitchen.

Even if you hang the metal prints in outdoor areas such as the balcony or terrace, they retain their excellent quality for a long time. Browse through our online shop, now and discover your new favourite artwork – decor inspo, here we go!

One of our employees recommends our aluminium prints

The matt surface of the aluminium prints lends the design a special elegant feel.

Divina – Posterlounge Team

Both modern and elegant: acrylic prints

✓ Rear side printing on acrylic glass panel (5 mm)

✓ Bright colours with depth effect

✓ Glossy surface with glass-like look

✓ Easy to clean and stable

✓ Delivered with wall mounts

Material recommendation acrylic

Aluminium prints in a high-quality frame

Our modern aluminium prints make an impact – and their clear and modern design only adds to this. However, a picture frame can add extra flair to your aluminium art. Framed prints inevitably have a greater presence in the room because the frame creates a certain depth and feel. If you want to stage your favourite piece properly, we can provide your order pre-framed. Enjoy our all-inclusive service – it’s easy to choose your new aluminium wall art just by browsing through our online shop – and then you can choose the frame in the same step.

After printing, the picture is then framed in our frame manufacture. We pay close attention to quality. Our picture frames are made of solid wood or aluminium in our in-house frame manufacture and the prints are fitted into the frame by hand. Furthermore, with our picture frames, there is not only a choice of different models, but also a variety of colours. This means you can match the frame perfectly to your home furnishings. So don’t delay too long – frame your first metal print for your home gallery today!

Print house areas – Posterlounge

Handmade by Posterlounge

We set high standards when it comes to the quality of our products and the service we provide. The fact that we produce our aluminium artwork ourselves in our own art print house helps us to meet these demands. In-house production makes it possible for us to make your unique print-on-demand dreams come true: we frame, package and send the aluminium prints for you, right to your home.

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Frequently asked questions about aluminium prints

Frequently asked questions about aluminium prints

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Our aluminium prints are high-quality wall art pieces that are printed directly onto an aluminium composite panel.

Aluminium print in detail
Aluminium direct print

We print our aluminium art on a 3 mm thick aluminium composite panel. Thanks to the dimensionally stable, robust material, our aluminium prints will beautifully adorn your walls for a very long time to come.

Our aluminium art is printed in our own art print house using the direct printing process. We print the design on a 3 mm thick aluminium panel, instead of just sticking on a photo print. Printing with modern UV inks results in the unique print quality of our aluminium art, ensuring particularly intensive, pin-sharp colours. UV direct printing also guarantees that the colours are permanently protected from fading. This way you can enjoy the modern, elegant look of our aluminium art for a long time!

Print on aluminium in detail 1
Print on aluminium in detail 2

Aluminium prints are one of the latest trends in modern wall design – especially due to their unobtrusive elegance, which the matt-silk surface conveys in both interior and exterior spaces. As the material is weather-resistant, it can withstand sunlight and humidity. That means you can hang our aluminium prints not only in the living room or bedroom, but also in the bathroom, on the terrace or in your garden.

The satin-matt surface makes photographs, graphics or paintings look impressive, without the intrusion of unwanted reflections. Aluminium prints are stable, lightweight wall art. Since the wall mount is attached to the back, a modern floating impression is created. Even larger formats appear ‘light’ and can be easily hung using the pre-assembled wall mountings. The unbrushed aluminium is also very easy to care for. It is scratch- and smudge-resistant and can be easily wiped clean with a cloth.

Wall decoration with aluminium print 1
Wall decoration with aluminium print 2

We print our aluminium wall art using a direct printing process. Using the latest UV technology, the images are printed onto the aluminium panel, instead of just being glued on. This way, the print is protected from external influences such as sunlight and retains its high quality and bright colour appearance for a long time.

Aluminium prints are durable, dimensionally stable and comparatively light. The slimline look of the aluminium prints and the silk-matt surface create a sleek, modern look that adds a ‘gallery’ feel to your home.

Thanks to the rust-free, moisture-resistant material, our aluminium prints are also suitable for damp rooms such as bathrooms or wellness areas. Metal prints can also be hung in outdoor areas such as on the terrace or balcony.

There is no technical difference. Both Dibond® aluminium prints and our aluminium prints are prints on aluminium composite panels. Aluminium prints are a popular choice for digital printing because the 3 mm thick composite panels are lighter than pure aluminium, but just as robust, dimensionally stable and easy to clean.

In our online shop, you will find a wide selection of formats for your aluminium print – ranging from square prints to panoramic pictures, right through to extra-large wall art. It is best to choose the size of your aluminium print according to the space you have available. Depending on the image you choose, we offer many standard sizes and formats, so that you can stylishly stage your favourite print on aluminium.

No, when ordering your aluminium print you can only choose from the formats shown on the product page. However, in our online shop, you will find all standard sizes, depending on the image itself. You are guaranteed to find the format that best suits your ambience!

We supply our aluminium prints with the right wall mounts. Depending on the format and weight of the print, it will have one or two of them. Simply follow the steps listed in the provided instructions and nothing will stop you safely hanging your artwork.

Wall brackets
Wall mount for large formats – rail

When ordering an aluminium print, you have the option to select a matching frame. Our frames are picture frames made of solid wood, which are made in our own frame manufacture.

Once you have decided on a frame, your chosen design will be framed and lovingly packaged by our production team.

The aluminium prints are easy to clean and wipe down with a soft microfibre or cotton cloth. But please refrain from using harsh cleaning agents, such as abrasive cleaning fluids.

Our aluminium prints are packaged differently, depending on their size. Up to a size of 30 × 40 cm, we ship our aluminium wall art in sturdy shipping envelopes. All larger formats are wrapped in a tear-resistant protective film and sent as a parcel. This is how we ensure your wall art is delivered to you in perfect condition.

Aluminium print packaging for small formats
Aluminium print packaging for large formats

At Posterlounge, all our wall art is produced on demand – this means that our production team will take care of the production of your aluminium print as soon as you have ordered. The estimated delivery time is shown on the product page and in the shopping cart. You will also receive a shipping confirmation e-mail after your order has been packed and shipped.

On each of our pieces, we name the artist of the respective image along with the legally required imprint. We sell works of art by Monet, Klimt and many more, as well as contemporary photography, paintings, graphics and illustrations. We are also very proud to offer contemporary artists and photographers a platform where they can sell their art. This is another reason why we label our printed products not only with our name as producers, but also with the artists behind the pieces.

Copyright print

Our aluminium prints promise not only excellent durability thanks to the robust, dimensionally stable material, but direct UV printing means that the colours will retain their radiant luminosity for many years.